SO WRONG: Gillette Launches ‘WOKEST’ Ad Yet Making Its Last Ad Looking Like Child’s Play

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Gillette razors is in the hot race for wokest thing ever. I’m sure you remember their past entries, the overweight swimmer ad and the “boys are bad and should stop” ad.

Well part three of this ignominious trilogy is the solution for two, I guess. Boys are bad, boys should stop being boys, and girls are good. So it stands to reason, apparently, that it should be girls who are the boys.

And here we are.

“I went into my transition just wanting to be happy. I’m glad I’m at the point where I’m able to shave.”

I’m guessing that people who can say that number in the dozens to hundreds. Even if you exaggerate to the thousands, that ain’t exactly a hot new market. So if they’re not advertising to a big, untapped market …who are they making the ad for?

Obviously y’all already know the answer. It’s to the woke brigades from woketown, riding their wokercycles and scooping up triggers.

It doesn’t matter if it results in sales. Corporate America has two audiences now. One is the people who buy and use their products, and the other are the loudmouth, whiney, nutty, Hollywood-ish, foot-stomping, sign-waving, boycott-organizing liberal mobs of wokety wokeness.

And this ad, obviously, is for them.

I hope that kid has a great life. I hope that for every kid who is somehow allowed to reject their body and identity while too young to even bre familiar with it. But, you know, the odds aren’t great.



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