You Won’t Believe It, But A Hollywood Actor Released A Video PRAISING Trump As America’s BEST PRESIDENT Since Lincoln!

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Jon Voight released a short video last night, addressed “to my fellow Americans”, calling on the American people to support President Trump who he says is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.

Watch below:

I know Jon Voight isn’t a young man but regardless of what you think about his message, the fact that he’s supporting Trump in Hollywood is a testament to his courage. And not only does he just support Trump, he goes all in on Trump! I’m surprised he isn’t wearing a MAGA hat in the video.

Personally I do like much of what Trump has accomplished. He’s a far better president than many ever thought he would be and he doesn’t take crap from the media. That said, I have plenty of issues with him too that go farther than his immature insults on Twitter aimed at people he’s hired and fired. One example is his lack of leadership in uprooting Obamacare when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress. Another is the trillions he wants to spend on infrastructure with Democrats.

But after two years as President I feel he has improved and gotten the White House in far better order than it was when he first started. There is clearly a learning curve to being president.

He’s also suffered much hostility in the way of attacks on him by Democrats and the media who are hell bent on trying to destroy both his presidency and his chances for reelection in 2020. So I have a lot of empathy for what he’s been through as well.

In the end I most certainly wouldn’t call him the greatest president since Lincoln. But I do give him credit for being a good president and one I could easily vote for in 2020.


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