Democrats Wage War Against State’s Rights To Ban Abortions, Introduce Bill To Abolish Existing Bans

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Move over, Born Alive Act. It’s the Left’s turn.

On Thursday, congressional Democrats — alongside Planned Parenthood President Leana “It’s about saving people’s lives” Wen — championed federal legislation that would squash the trend of strict state abortion laws (here).

Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Rep. Judy Chu are sponsoring the “Women’s Health Protection Act.”

May I say — I find annoying and insulting the euphemistic and/or misleading names of bills. Abortion and women’s health are two completely different things, in the same way a pair of socks and a tractor are.

If you wanna create pro-abortion legislation, let the name reflect what it’s really about.

So what’s it do? Among other things, the proposed law would block and overrule states’ fetal heartbeat bills.

But here’s more, courtesy of the favorable

[The WHPA] is a federal bill that would protect the right to abortion by creating a safeguard against restrictions on abortion that apply to no similar medical care. These restrictions interfere with patients’ personal decision-making and block access to safe, legal abortion care.

The aim is to fight extremism —

The Act would stop extremist politicians from:

  • banning abortion prior to viability in direct violation of constitutional rights confirmed by Roe v. Wade;
  • creating regulations that grossly exceed what is necessary to ensure high standards of patient safety and quality of care, and are meant to close clinics;
  • restricting women’s ability to safely access medication abortion in the earliest weeks of pregnancy;
  • imposing state-mandated medical procedures and protocols, such as forcing women to undergo ultrasounds and endure waiting periods for no medical reason, as a way to shame women for their personal decisions.

Judy Chu said Thursday that 169 Dems have signed on as cosponsors.

That’s unsurprising, given the stunning pro-late-term abortion stances of the blue party’s 2020 roster. See my article here — it’s quite a shocker.

Kamala Harris  is a fan of the bill; so are fellow presidential hopefuls Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Uncle Bernie Sanders (here).

Judy’s looking forward to total body autonomy. As reported by The Blaze:

“Our bill finally puts a stop to the state-based attacks that anti-abortion advocates have been trying to use to undermine or even reverse Roe,” Chu said at Thursday’s news conference.

“It means no abortion bans,” Chu added, noting that the bill “prohibits any non-medical restrictions on our bodies,” which would mean “no heartbeat bills,” mandatory waiting periods, or ultrasound requirements.

Given my aforementioned article — and following the notion that politics is a game of money and power — I’m going to eschew notions of principle and assume Democrats figure staunchly touting unlimited abortion is a ticket to 2020 glory. But I don’t believe they’re right. For some reason, the donkey party has left the days of “moderate Democrat” Bill Clinton far behind; they seem sure extremism is now the key to the kingdom.

I’m bettin’ it ain’t.

What’s your wager?

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