WATCH OUT! AOC Gets ‘Like, Really Mad’ After People BRUTALLY Mock Her For Saying The World Will End In 12 Years!

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Oh boy, Ocasio-Cortez is flipping out because so many people mocked her for saying the Earth is going to end in 12 years because of Global Warming-Cooling-Moderating-Everything-in-between.

Now she’s saying it was a joke:


I believe her. Everything that comes out of her dumb pie-hole is a joke. The problem is that she means it seriously and then later gets angry when people mock her stupid pronouncements. Which is really odd, because that’s exactly what the left whines about Trump and his supporters for doing….

Here’s when she said it:

Do you hear any laughter in her audience? Does she even smile while she says it? So how is that a joke at all? It’s not, except that Ocasio-Cortez is one of the biggest clowns in Congress.



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