China FOOLISHLY Chooses To Retaliate Instead Of Taking Trump’s Deal. Trump BOLDLY Calls Out Pres. Xi Like A Boss!

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Instead of making a deal with the Trump administration, China has chosen to retaliate against Trump’s $200 billion in tariffs with tariffs of their own:

FOX BUSINESS – China will hike tariffs on roughly $60 billion in U.S. imports, a retaliation against the Trump administration’s decision to increase duties on shipments of Chinese goods to America as the two nations continue discussions on a trade deal.

The new tariffs, which are poised to affect over 5,000 U.S. products, will range from 5 percent to 25 percent and take effect on June 1.

It was reported last week that Trump is threatening to impose even more tariffs on all Chinese goods to the tune of 325 billion.

This morning Trump took to Twitter to explain how the American consumer can avoid being bitten by this trade war: Buy American.

He also sends a message to President Xi:


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