WATCH OUT! Lindsey Graham Wages Full-On Truth War Against Liberal Obstruction Propaganda!

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The way the Democrats and Vichy Republicans are trying to change the conversation on the Mueller report would be hilarious were it not so monstrous. After an investigation that required 675 days to complete; had 34 people indicted on various charges that ranged from theater to conduct unrelated to the purpose of the investigation to outright chickensh**; used the services of 19 very expensive Democrat lawyers; took 40 FBI agents and support personnel away from productive activity; issued over 2,000 subpoenas; carried out nearly 500 search warrants; issued demands for the communications records of over 230 persons; interviewed over 500 persons; and subjected at least 50 Americans to electronic surveillance produced jack sh** in the way of any cooperation between anyone on the Trump campaign and Russian officials, the left has now shifted its focus to “obstruction.” Apparently, by slight of hand, obstruction has now been defined down to being angry that you are the subject of a vindictive partisan vendetta that uses the FBI and a special counsel as its weapons.

This morning, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was on Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan. Graham is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and he will control what actions the Senate takes in reaction to what seems like the House’s inexorable march towards impeachment. Naturally Brennan wanted to talk obstruction. It didn’t go well.

Graham is right. All the talk of obstruction is simply a stinkbomb lodged in the report, probably by Hillary fan Andrew Weissmann, to cause political problems for Trump. Trump asking Comey if he could give Flynn a break is not a big deal. There was no follow up to the request and Comey’s clowns shoved an indictment down Mike Flynn’s throat by using a potential indictment of his son as leverage. Trump fired Comey. Big deal. The investigation continued. Trump wanted to fire Mueller but that didn’t happen. It really doesn’t matter what Trump said to anyone about firing anyone. The White House provided documents, it didn’t claim executive privilege, and White House staff cooperated with the investigation.

This whole excitement over obstruction is simply spank material for a bunch of partisan lawyers who really don’t matter and their fluffers over at The Bulwark. There is nothing there and if the House Democrats try to pursue impeachment based on this nebulous horsesh** they are going to be punished by voters in a big way.

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