Dem’s Quick To Condemn Attacks On Mosques, No-To-Slow Reaction Against Synagogues…Hmmm

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On Saturday, a young man walked into a synagogue in California and opened fire. He killed one person and wounded three before being captured.

While the congregation received the condolences from a large number of persons. Even dyed-in-the-wool anti-Semites like Ilhan Omar and anti-Semites-in-training like AOC have expressed sympathy. But two very prominent Democrats have remained studiously silent. Neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton has said a word about the shootings.

Interesting parallels in their responses over three religion-based terrorist attacks. The two of them broke their necks in their effort to make hay over the Christchurch shootings. The bombings of Christians by Islamic terrorists in Sri Lanka became an attack on “Easter worshippers.” And now there is stone silence on the synagogue shooting.

It is hard to write this off as an oversight. Rather it seems to mark a policy shift within the Democrat party that sees Muslims supplanting Jews as a key Democrat voting bloc. Note how they emphasize the religion of the dead in New Zealand, completely ignore the religion of the dead in Sri Lanka, and shrug and move on after Saturday’s attack.

Via RedState

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