Ilhan Omar Goes Full Victim After Dan Crenshaw Calls Out Her ‘Unbelievable’ Trivializing 9/11 Comments

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Yesterday Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw tweeted a video of Ilhan Omar referring to 9/11 as “Some people who did something”.

He thought it was unbelievable that she would refer to the Muslims who killed nearly 3,000 people on 9/11 in that way.

Here’s the video:

And the original tweet by Crenshaw:

That video was then discussed on Fox News this morning, with Brian Kilmeade wondering if Omar is really an American first:

A little while ago, Ilhan Omar took to Twitter and accused both Crenshaw and Kilmeade of “dangerous incitement” and called own leaders of both parties to condemn their words:

And just now, Crenshaw responded to Omar ridiculous comments a truth bomb!

He’s absolutely right. He didn’t incite any violence against her and neither did Kilmeade. Kilmeade’s comments were certainly more provocative, but he didn’t call for violence against her in any way.

All Crenshaw did was call her out for her offensive comments about 9/11.

The real question is why is she trying to silence people from legitimate criticism of her? I get that she’s been under fire all year because she can’t keep her anti-Semitic mouth shut, but to call these remarks by Crenshaw and Kilmeade as ‘dangerous incitement’ is patently ridiculous.

She’s clearly trying to play the victim card after being under fire all year for her anti-Semitism. And given the way Democrats have treated her thus far this year, they will probably come running with plenty of condemnation for Crenshaw and Kilmeade. And so will a few RINOs too.


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