Liberal Twitter #MyWhitePrivilege Gets HIJACKED By Everyday Folks…They Give The Snowflakes A HILARIOUS Reality Check!

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Soooooo someone persuaded white people who are liberal to post their alleged stories of white privilege under the hashtag “my white privilege.”

Most of them are in response to this tweet:

This is what you got:

I had white shop owners follow me around in their store. I survived.

I mean, yeah it’s annoying, but it’s not really up to KKK or Nazi standards of racism, now is it?

Louisiana? OK, I believe this one, but the cop was probably black.

I mean, he coulda been on acid and dreamed it up. Also, I’ve been pulled over and not had my car searched. Not just white people, buddy.

This happened to me too. I’m not white. So….?

But then a miracle happened. Everyday Americans living in the real world got ahold of the handle and gave these liberal snowflakes a run for their money!

Via TheRightScoop

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