Chris Rock Was Told Jussie Smollett Was Off Limits At NAACP Awards – Instead He BURNED Him At The Stake!

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This is fantastic. Chris Rock was told not to make jokes about Jussie Smollett at the NAACP awards.

They don’t know Chris Rock:

Chris Rock doesn’t give a damn. He has been targeted by the humorless “woke” liberal crowd already, and it doesn’t seem like he cares to go along with politically correct demands. Good for him. And don’t mistake me, I’m not saying he’s now a warrior for free speech or conservative values. But at least some people are saying “eff off” to the PC police.

You can tell some in the audience are very uncomfortable with the joke, but Trevor Noah definitely is not:

Love it.

Unfortunately, it does seem like the younger people are propagandized to hate humor:

This is what they’re hitting him with:

Pathetic. I fear for the humorless future of this country.

On the other hand this is a golden opportunity for people to show how fascist the left is on speech, and who actually defends the right of people to tell the truth…

Via TheRightScoop

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