Clinton Family Just Linked To The DISGUSTING College Scandal Rocking America!

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The recent college admissions scandal confirmed what everyone already knew about colleges and universities: The mediocre children of rich and powerful people like the Clintons get a free pass.

A federal affidavit that was made public Tuesday revealed a huge scandal in which wealthy parents spent as much as $75,000 to cheat their students into prestigious colleges and universities, according to the Associated Press.

Parents such as actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman paid Edge College & Career Network, also known as The Key, to take the ACT or SAT at a private test center, where answers were provided or corrected.

But as Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out Wednesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” this recent college admissions scandal doesn’t “even touch the greatest scandal of all.”

“And that’s how the mediocre children of the politically powerful on both sides take top spots at top schools without even resorting to bribery. They get it for free. They are just awarded them for the achievement of being born,” Tucker explained.

“That’s how Chelsea Clinton wound up at Stanford and Oxford … And then making documentary films nobody ever watched. All without having a single original thought ever in her life.”

Like the children in the most recent cheating scandal, the Clintons’ daughter was accepted by top schools, seemingly for no other reason than being born rich and powerful.

But it’s worse because the Clintons probably didn’t even have to bribe anybody.

“You know what that is?” Tucker continued. “That’s an aristocracy disguised as a meritocracy. It’s a scam.”

Here’s hoping the new scandal will put a magnifying glass on the entire, corrupt process of college admissions.

Schools are eager to pick up elite students in the same way they are eager to invoke affirmative action to pick up any student that fits the school’s diversity quotas.

Currently, nobody knows how colleges and universities pick their students and what algorithms they use, because it’s obviously not based on merit alone.

“What the rest of us don’t know but should know is how the college admissions system actually works,” Carlson said. “Who gets in and why?”

In fact, Harvard came under fire just last year for discriminating against Asian-American students.

But Harvard’s discrimination scandal didn’t have the “sticking power” of juicier stories, and the establishment media stopped covering it — just like every time affirmative action and the corrupt admissions operation get attention.

Colleges and universities are dens of corruption, and it’s time for taxpayers to demand transparency in the admissions process.

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