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  • Clinton Family Just Linked To The DISGUSTING College Scandal Rocking America!


    The recent college admissions scandal confirmed what everyone already knew about colleges and universities: The mediocre children of rich and powerful people like the Clintons get a free pass. A federal affidavit that was made public Tuesday revealed a huge scandal in which wealthy parents spent as much as $75,000 to cheat their students into […] More

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  • UPDATE: Actress Felicity Huffman ARRESTED In Connection With Admissions Bribery Scandal


    Desperate Housewives actress Felicity Huffman was arrested Tuesday morning over a mail fraud charge related to a college admissions scam that involves 33 elite CEO and celebrity parents paying their children’s way into colleges across the country. According to Variety, another Hollywood star implicated in the scam, Full Houseactress Lori Loughlin, has not yet been arrested and is negotiating terms of […] More

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