Dem. Al Green: Perceived Bigotry Is Grounds For Impeachment

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Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Rep. Al Green (D-TX) debate host Neil Cavuto on what was impeachable, arguing that President Donald Trump’s “bigotry is impeachable.”

When asked what impeachable offense Trump had committed, Green said, “The president has put his bigotry into policy. The president was discussing immigration at the time he called certain countries S-hole countries, and I might add these are countries where people of color were. The president has separated people from their families down at the border. These happen to be people of color. The president wanted a Muslim ban, it was bungled, and they had to come back several times to try to correct it.”

Green said, “The president is imposing bigotry in policy on the country.”

He continued, “You don’t have to commit a crime to be impeached. Most of the constitutional authorities agree with me on this point. Misdeeds, high crimes and misdemeanors, misdeeds are misdemeanors. That’s what the misdemeanors are all about––misdeeds. If a president commits misdeeds, it doesn’t matter what party he’s in. He should be impeached.”

He added, “We have lived through bigotry in this country since African-Americans arrived on these shores. There are people who suffered, Jewish people have suffered, LGBTQ community has suffered. Bigotry is impeachable. ”

Cavuto said, “You have to prove bigotry. You have to prove the kind of stuff that you outline there, and that’s a loose standard, right?”

Green objected, “No, it’s not a loose standard.”

Cavuto shot back, “You don’t like the way the president speaks.”

Green said, “I don’t like the way he puts that into policy, bigotry into policy. Immediately after saying S-hole countries he decided he was going to eliminate visas from African countries. He has babies being separated from their mothers. We had 12 million people come through Ellis Island from Scandinavian and Europe. They didn’t separate babies from mothers when they did this. Those people were here. They were part of the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Mr. Cavuto, we live to exercise liberty and justice for all. That’s what I stand for. I love my country. I do it because I love my country.”

Via Breitbart

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