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  • Anti-Religious Bigot Burns Down Mississippi Church Because They ‘Didn’t Obey Lockdown’


    We are taking bets on the political leanings of the arsonist(s) who burned down a church in Mississippi. I’ve got $10 on “probably not Conservatives”. The Mississippi church has been defying government orders to keep lockdown rules in place in order to hold services as is the American’s constitutional right to do so. However, an […] More

  • Dem. Al Green: Perceived Bigotry Is Grounds For Impeachment


    Watch the latest video at Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Rep. Al Green (D-TX) debate host Neil Cavuto on what was impeachable, arguing that President Donald Trump’s “bigotry is impeachable.” When asked what impeachable offense Trump had committed, Green said, “The president has put his bigotry into policy. The president was discussing […] More

  • Obama Calls Trump Bigot And Charlatan At Fundraiser For Gov. Jay Inslee

    President Barack Obama played cheerleader for Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Friday night at a fundraising dinner in Seattle, urging voters to reject Republican candidates who he said are promoting divisiveness and hindering the nation’s progress. At the fundraiser for the Democratic governor, Obama told a crowd of about 3,000 that re-electing Inslee will ensure the […] More