WATCH: Jordan Peterson Gets Called SEXIST For Expertly Picking Her Flawed Movement Apart!

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Jordan Peterson was part of a panel in Australia, where he had a little debate with Australian Labor Party politician Terri Butler. Peterson essentially said that individuals shouldn’t be slaves to their group identities, and Terri Butler tried to imply Peterson was somehow sexist.

First of all, the Australian politician here is an insufferable beyotch. I can say that with my female privilege. She wants to play the equality game up until Jordan Peterson wants to talk about equality across the board. Which feminists don’t want to talk about. Modern feminism isn’t about real equality, it’s about being above men. Tell me I’m wrong.

Jordan Peterson is right, categorizing people’s behavior and their identity with a group is a problem. It’s one thing to look at demographics to find patterns, it’s another thing to put those demographics ahead of individual rights.

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