SNL Heavily Edits One Of Trump’s Greatest Speeches To Get A Few Cheap Laughs…Ridiculous

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The same speech that drew a thunderous ovation Saturday afternoon at the Conservative Political Action Conference was fodder for mockery a few hours later as “Saturday Night Live” poked fun — once again — at President Donald Trump.

Trump spoke for about two hours at CPAC, which gave “SNL” more than enough bits and pieces to stitch together a “Weekend Update” piece jabbing the president.

“It started with Trump coming out and hugging the American flag like Lenny from ‘Of Mice and Men,’” said “SNL” Colin Jost, likening Trump’s embrace of the flag to the mentally retarded character in John Steinbeck’s 1937 novel.

“What the h— was that?” he asked.

“Then, after that patriotic ‘Me Too’ moment, it somehow got crazier from there,” Jost said.

“SNL” then flashed its collection of disconnected clips from the speech, including a section where Trump spoke in a Southern drawl and joked that he flew to Iraq to see the troops at Christmas because he was lonely in the White House.

The clip ended with Trump saying, “I’m gonna regret this speech.”

Jost then added a postscript by saying Trump was “self-aware.”

“Anyway, if you’re curious, Trump’s handling the (Michael) Cohen testimony really well,” he said.

Although “SNL” played the speech for laughs, Trump used the opportunity to focus on the changes his administration has wrought, and mock the Green New Deal proposed by Democrats.

“We are reversing decades of blunders and betrayals. These are serious, serious betrayals to our nation and to everything we stand for it’s been done by the failed ruling class that enriched foreign countries at our expense,” Trump said.

Here’s how Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro presented Trump’s speech. (It’s considerably different from “SNL.”)

“You know, I’m totally off script right now. And this is how I got elected by being off script,” Trump said, before discussing “the new Green Deal or whatever the hell they call it. The Green New Deal right.”

Trump then mocked the Green New Deal.

“No planes. No energy. When the wind stops blowing. That’s the end of your electric. ‘Let’s hurry. Darling, darling is the wind blowing today?’” Trump said in mockery.

He later returned to the subject.

“And it would force the destruction or renovation of virtually every existing structure in the United States. New York City would have to rip down buildings and rebuild them again. I don’t think so. This is the craziest plan and yet I see senators that are there for 20 years white hair. See, I don’t have white hair. I don’t have white hair. Now I see these … longtime senators standing behind this young woman and she’s ranting and raving like a lunatic and these senators, these senators. ‘Yes, I agree with this. Yes, I agree,’” Trump said.

“I want them to embrace this plan. I want them to go and sell this plan. I just want to be the Republican that runs against them for that,” Trump said.

“Socialism is not about the environment. It’s not about justice. It’s not about virtue. Socialism is about only one thing. It’s called power for the ruling class. That’s what it is. Look at what’s happening in Venezuela and so many other places. All of us are here today because we know that the future does not belong to those who believe in socialism,” Trump said.

Here’s the speech in its entirety.

Trump told listeners his bottom line.

“We’re in this swamp of Washington D.C. But you know what. We’re winning and they’re not,” he said. “We’re winning.”

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