BEYOND SELFISH: #MeToo’s Rose McGowan Shamelessly Boasts Having An Abortion So She Can ‘Change The World’

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There are plenty of reasons one can come up with to rationalize an abortion. This is a new one on me, though: Having an abortion so that you could “change the world.”

That’s the reasoning presented by Rose McGowan, an actress who’s become much better known for her association with the #MeToo movement after becoming one of the first women to accuse Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein of rape.

McGowan is also known to lend her name and energies to liberal causes, including pro-abortion causes.

In this case, the pro-abortion cause in question was UltraViolet, a women’s organization McGowan retweeted when discussing her own abortion.

“I have had an abortion and I support this message,” McGowan tweeted Friday. “I am not ashamed, nor should you be.

“That 60% of those who choose to have abortions are already mothers says a lot- they understand more than anyone.

“I was on birth control and it failed,” she continued. “I realized I could not bring a child into my world and simultaneously change the world. I do not regret my decision and it was not made lightly. If you do not want an abortion, don’t get one. My body, my choice, my life. Have you had to make a choice? Let’s talk and use hashtag #HonestAbortion.”

So what exactly has McGowan done to change the world that she couldn’t have done with a child?

Before her involvement in #MeToo, she was best known for her role in the first iteration of the show “Charmed.” Looking over her accomplishments on her Wikipedia page, nothing she’s managed to do in her time on earth is something she couldn’t have done with a child.

In fact, she arguably could have done it better with children. If you want to change the world on your own, your ability to act ends with you.

You may be able to influence some people to share your values, but you know who you can actually raise and inculcate with your values? Children. And then they can raise children of their own with their values, and so on and so forth.

In that way, one could argue, there’s nothing McGowan could have done that would have done more to further the values she believes in than having a child.

But that’s really not the point for McGowan, I’m guessing.

This isn’t an explanation for an abortion, it’s a rationalization. If she wants to be proud of the fact she terminated her child’s life, that’s fine. It’s her choice (although certainly not her child’s).

But she apparently doesn’t feel she can be proud of aborting her baby just because it’s her body and she was exercising agency over it.

Instead, she feels the need to tell us all that she did it so that she could change the world.

When she changes the world specifically because of the fact that she didn’t have a child, she should let us know.

That clearly hasn’t happened yet.

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