Liberals Are FREAKING OUT After American Jews Buy Full-Page Ad Thanking Trump!

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President Donald Trump’s commitment to battle anti-Semitism has received a major round of applause from American Jewish leaders even as Democrats are embroiled over accusations of anti-Semitism in their own ranks.

On Thursday, members of the Republican Jewish Coalition took out a full-page ad in The New York Times to publicly support Trump and endorse his selection of Elan Carr as the administration’s chief troubleshooter against anti-Semitism.

Trump cited his determination to fight anti-Semitism last week during his State of the Union address, noting both his opposition to the Iranian regime and his condemnation of the Tree of Life slayings last year in Pittsburgh.

“We will not avert our eyes from a regime that chants death to America and threatens genocide against the Jewish people. We must never ignore the vile poison of anti-Semitism, or those who spread its venomous creed. With one voice, we must confront this hatred anywhere and everywhere it occurs,” Trump said.

The ad praised Trump under the headline, “Anti-Semitism must be confronted and defeated.”

“We wish to congratulate and to thank President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and the entire Trump administration for the recent appointment of Mr. Elan S. Carr to the position of State Department Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism ranks among the oldest, most destructive forms of bigotry,” the ad stated.

“It is a scourge that has plagued mankind. From the Nazi regime’s genocide of six million Jews to the October 27, 2018, Pittsburgh synagogue shooting that claimed the lives of eleven Shabbat worshipers, anti-Semitism is responsible for a multitude of history’s most heinous atrocities.

“We thank President Trump for his courageous, clear eyed leadership in engaging in the fight to defeat anti-Semitism. We stand shoulder to shoulder with President Trump in saying, ‘Never Again,’ and we pledge our full commitment to helping his administration, including Special Envoy Carr, in the days, weeks, and months to come.”

The ad notes that anti-Semitism must be fought around the world and close to home.

“While the Iranian Majlis has long demonized Israel, anti-Semitic voices can now be heard in the halls of the British Parliament and even the U.S. Congress,” the ad said.

Democrats are divided over what some feel is the rise of anti-Semitism within their ranks, The Washington Post reported.

Democratic members of Congress Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey and Elaine Luria of Virginia want House leaders to address comments from freshman Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and explain to them Democrats’ “rejection of anti-Semitism and our continued support for the State of Israel.”

“As Jewish Members of Congress, we are deeply alarmed by recent rhetoric from certain members within our Caucus, including just last night, that has disparaged us and called into question our loyalty to our nation,” a draft of a letter being sent to Pelosi states, the Post reported.

“We urge you to join us in calling on each member of our Caucus to unite against anti-Semitism and hateful tropes and stereotypes.”

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