Trump Is FURIOUS After Spineless Senate Republicans Side With Democrats In Latest Vote On Syria

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President Trump has been vocal about withdrawing American troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

Many conservatives have come out against the plan, fearing it would give rise to radical Islam in the regions.

On Thursday night, the Senate voted 68-23 “expressing opposition” to pulling out, with a majority of Republicans going against Trump’s wishes.

Many conservatives probably figured Trump agreed to reopen the government so federal workers could receive their back pay. That probably played a part, sure.

However, the real reason was just revealed by Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

Democrats will not be happy.

From Fox News:

President Trump agreed to re-open the government for three weeks because Democrats signaled they’re willing to negotiate on border security, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Monday.

Sanders: “The President has opened the government on the basis that Democrats have signaled to us that they’re willing to actually get serious about a real deal and get serious about fixing the border.



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