Prepare For Another Democrat Shutdown – Pelosi Vows ‘NO MONEY For The Wall’

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Normally, I might try to transcribe… whatever it was that Nancy Pelosi just said.  This time, I won’t bother.  It so rambling, and so barely coherent, that it’s just not worth the effort.

The big takeaway is that, despite the three-week ultimatum, Nancy Pelosi claims border wall funding will not be part of the bipartisan negotiation committee’s discussions.

“We’re not having a negotiation now — over this right now. They’re having a negotiation over it in there. There’s not going be any wall money in the legislation.

However, if they have some suggestions about some localities where technology, some infrastructure, as I’ve said, about the ports of entry, they might need some ports of entry, some roads — that’s part of the negotiation.”

Pelosi stressed that there are already 600 “miles of something” along the border and leaned heavily on the idea of utilizing X-shaped “Normandy fences.” She also reiterated the bogus notion that technology can do pretty much anything a wall can do.

“And by the way, when some of these fences were born – were born! – were built, the technology was not what it is today. So you have to look at technology in a new form.”

I recommend you watch her remarks.  You won’t learn anything, nor will you find anything of substance, but you will chuckle.

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