Border Agents Just Made A HISTORICAL Bust, Save Millions Of American Lives!

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When it comes to the debate over border security, illegal immigration, and the wall, we spend a lot of time fighting. No matter what side you’re on, you’re 100% convinced you’re right, and no one is likely to change your mind. So “negotiations” and “debate” devolved into “yelling and screaming.” It is, in a word, exhausting.

However, every now and then a story comes along that we can all get behind. This is one of those moments. I don’t care if you’re an open-borders hippy or a hardcore “build the wall” Trump fanatic. You simply can’t get angry at this news.

A few days ago, border agents in Nogales, Arizona quietly made a massive fentanyl bust – the largest in U.S. history – that potentially saved countless lives.

Let’s have a big round of applause for our Customs and Border Protection agents, shall we?

Via the AP:

Customs and Border Protection officials in Arizona say they’ve made their biggest fentanyl bust ever.

The agency says it will provide details Thursday during a late morning news conference at the Mariposa border crossing in Nogales, Arizona.

Authorities say illicit fentanyl in recent years has become the biggest source of fatal overdoses in the United States.

How big was it, you ask? How much fentanyl did they grab?  Try: 114 kilograms of liquid fentanyl, 1 kilogram of fentanyl pills, and 179 kilograms of methamphetamine. The fentanyl alone has a value of over $100 million and is enough to kill 57 millionpeople.

As Hillary Vaughn reported on Tucker Carlson Tonight:

“We got our hands on an internal memo from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol that details this bust. The biggest fentanyl seizure in U.S. history. According to the memo, four days ago in Nogales, Arizona, at the port of entry, CBP officers stopped a tractor-trailer crossing the U.S.-Mexico border into the U.S. with enough fentanyl to kill 57 million people. That’s plenty of fatal doses to wipe out the entire populations of Texas, Arizona and New York state combined.

They found this under the floor of the trailer. They found 114 kilograms of fentanyl. According to the DEA, just two milligrams is considered a lethal dose. They also grabbed 179 kg of methamphetamine and one gram of fentanyl in pill form. The street value for the fentanyl over $102 million. The CBP officers arrested the smuggler, a Mexican national who attempted to drive the drugs across the border. The suspect was a part of the DHS’s trusted traveler program called FAST, that stands for free and secure trade for commercial vehicles. The program started after 9/11.”

You can watch Vaughn deliver her report right here:

Via WesternJournal

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