Beto Fanatic Says Border Wall Would ‘Kill More Migrants’ – Tucker Carlson Slams Him With The FACTS

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Tucker Carlson called out his guest on Wednesday night — a Beto O’Rourke 2020 advocate  for saying that if the U.S. built a wall it could kill people trying to enter the country.

Nate Lerner, a co-founder of, wants the former Texas Representative and failed Senate candidate to run for president — but has no official connection with him.

The first topic of conversation addressed O’Rourke wondering aloud, in an interview with The Washington Post, whether the U.S. Constitution is still applicable in 2019.


“He was asked about the border wall and he said, and I’m paraphrasing but it’s pretty close, we are killing people when we build border walls. What does — how are we killing people? How have we killed people by doing that?” Carlson asked.

“In the context of what he was talking about he was making two points. One, if when we militarize our border with Mexico, you are increasing the risk that people are going to get hurt or killed when they cross the border in their encounters with our security forces and their side,” Lerner responded. “Also when you build a massive wall, at the point of entry where people are most likely to illegally cross the border, they will seek out other points and those points tend to be more dangerous.”

He continued, “We absolutely have a right to do that. However, as Americans, we also have a duty to treat them a certain way, and to respect their humanity and to respect them as individuals and not simply cast them aside. And so when you look at border security there is a certain way you should be treating people and it’s not forcing them to, it’s not putting them them at a massive risk and potentially killing them.”

“If we erect a wall and say you can’t cross, that’s the same as killing them?” Carlson responded.

“Putting up a wall does put them in danger because it forces them to find different points of entry. The wall is massive, it doesn’t accomplish anything, it doesn’t solve the problem of immigration, longer Visas, people overstaying the Visas.”

Via DailyCaller

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