MAGA! U.S. Military Starts 2019 With A Worldwide Reminder – DON’T MESS WITH US!

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This was a New Year’s Eve greeting from the U.S. Strategic Command that military leaders in the rest of the world heard loud and clear — even if it was deleted shortly after it was published.

U.S. Strategic Command is a unified military force under the Department of Defense that is in charge of launching nuclear weapons and other defense operations.

In a now-deleted tweet, the military force reminded America’s enemies that the United States is ready to drop bombs to protect Americans if necessary.

“#TimesSquare tradition rings in the #NewYear by dropping the big ball…if ever needed, we are #ready to drop something much, much bigger,” the military command tweeted on Monday.

Alongside the tweet was a video showcasing a B-2 bomber dropping bombs known as “bunker busters,” according to CNN.

It’s good that the U.S. military was willing to send such a strong message to America’s enemies, especially on New Year’s Eve.

The tweet showed that the military is prepared to protect American citizens even on a day of celebration.

Unfortunately, by evening, someone, somewhere apparently decided that such plain talk on a festive night was in “poor taste.”

“Our previous NYE tweet was in poor taste & does not reflect our values. We apologize. We are dedicated to the security of America & allies,” U.S. Strategic Command tweeted as New Year’s Eve loomed.

But the tweet wasn’t in poor taste at all. The reality is that there are enemies who want to see America destroyed, even on New Year’s Eve.

It seems like the initial tweet was removed because of pressure from over-sensitive Twitter liberals, who claimed they were “appalled” at the initial tweet.

In 1776, George Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Eve to make a surprise attack on Hessian forces.

In comparison, a tweet about bombs on New Year’s Eve is mild.

Regardless, the controversy surrounding the tweet only made the military’s message more visible.

We can be sure that military leaders in the rest of the world heard it loud and clear.

Via WesternJournal

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