SHOCKING: Illegal Alien Sets U.S. Military Base ON FIRE!

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An illegal alien has been accused by Arizona police of starting a fire on top of the roof of a hangar at a United States military base.

According to authorities, 33-year-old illegal alien Francisco Manzano jumped over a security fence on December 12 at the Luke Air Force Base and started a fire on the roof of the hangar.

Police say they were called to the scene of the military base after Manzano was found to have allegedly started the rooftop fire with his shoes and deodorant spray.

The illegal alien reportedly told law enforcement officials that he was being chased by a crew of men, but police said there were no other individuals in or around the area.

Court documents obtained by ABC15 showed that the illegal alien told police he had been using meth and cocaine, along with other drugs. Manzano is now facing criminal trespassing charges.

It is unclear whether or not the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has placed a hold on the illegal alien, securing that he would be turned over to federal officials for deportation when he is released from police custody.

Via Breitbart

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