OOPSIE! CNN ‘Election Experts’ Don’t Even Know Where Kentucky And Indiana Are!

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CNN aired an embarrassing segment on Tuesday when they used a mislabeled map during a discussion on midterm election results and a senior CNN political analyst failed to notice that the two highlighted states were mislabeled.

“Let’s take first a look at the six o’clock hour right now when polls will be closing in Kentucky and Indiana,” Senior Political Analyst Mark Preston said.

“Of course, we’re looking at a very important race in Kentucky where, uh, it has to do, uh, with the House of Representatives and of course in Indiana, we have a Senate race that is very much, uh, under the gun, a lot of people are watching it to see whether the Democrat can pull that out,” Preston said while looking at the map and failing to call out the mislabeled map.


Via DailyWire


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