Young Black Man’s VIRAL VIDEO Has Democrats’ Blood Running Cold – Every Vote Matters!

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A video circulating the internet is raising praise from Republicans and no doubt striking fear in the hearts of Democrats.

A local reporter covering the hotly contested Georgia gubernatorial race asked two young black voters about the election. Both wearing ‘Blexit’ shirts that support the exodus of Black Americans from the Democrat Party, one of the young men named, Mikel, received applause for his explanation.

Immigration and the economy were both on the forefront of Mikel’s mind as he began.

“I can’t [support] someone who represents open borders,” the young man said about Democrat candidate Stacey Abrams.

Mikel also blasted the idea of illegal immigrants pouring into the country to take advantage of the welfare system.

When asked specifically about supporting Trump, Mikel didn’t back down.

“The Republicans and Trump have been doing a lot of good things to make our economy better in general,” he said. “So, when we give our vote to Republicans, we are giving power to Trump too, to keep on expanding our economy.”

That line earned the young men applause as he went on to say voting for Democrats would stop economic progress.

Don’t miss this video that’s getting a lot of praise on Twitter as well:



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