Ben & Jerry’s Unashamed Support Of Linda Sarsour Earns Them SERIOUS BACKLASH!

The internationally recognized ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s made it clear in a Twitter statement this week that it’s willing to tolerate antisemitism and misogyny in the name of resisting President Donald Trump’s otherwise successful presidency.

The informal statement was published three days after the ice cream manufacturer unveiled a new chocolate ice cream flavor Tuesday dubbed “Pecan Resist.”

“We can peacefully resist the Trump administration’s regressive and discriminatory policies and build a future that values inclusivity, equality, and justice for people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, refugees, and immigrants,” Ben & Jerry’s wrote in its initial announcement.

“Pecan Resist supports four organizations that are working on the front lines of the peaceful resistance, building a world that supports their values. Get to know them, then find Pecan Resist here!”

What stirred controversy — besides an ice cream manufacturer needlessly involving itself in politics — was that one of the “four organizations” that the company announced it’d partnered with happened to be the Women’s March.

The Women’s March is a left-wing organization that’s run by Linda Sarsour, an Islamic fundamentalist, who has been called an anti-Semite and a misogynist and who boasts ties to the notorious Louis Farrakhan.

Farrakhan, of course, has over the course of his career in hate, praised deceased Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, described the Jewish people as “termites” and derided the Jewish religion as a gutter religion.

Sarsour has a history of misogyny. Seven years ago she posted a tweet suggesting that the vaginas of Brigitte Gabriel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali — two survivors of Islamic oppression who now fight for women’s rights in Muslim countries — should be ripped away.

When several Twitter users tried to highlight the left-wing activist’s history to Ben & Jerry’s, the company issued a statement revealing that it’s willing to overlook her flaws and focus on her alleged efforts “to promote women’s rights.”


This statement triggered massive backlash, to the point that it boasted only 34 likes but over 1,000 negative replies as of Saturday morning.

The anger stemmed from the belief by many, including quite a few on the left, that Sarsour is anything but a women’s right activist.


Ben & Jerry’s has thus far refused to respond to these valid complaints. While it’s unclear how its decision to join the “Resistance” movement will affect its long-term bottom line, at the moment it appears it could be in store for some trouble.



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    in line with the original floorplans, Eight some individuals should majority interior four sleeping quarters. One site might been documented a three the public, Two that will likely be communal by four renters and a second room may been booked to a new single tenant.

    ones offers included as well a suggested storage, that would have maintained two every single day,frequent. bear in mind, people were cast off merely by local authority or council training officers because “fit, Siting and degree are thought to harm the smoothness and appearance of instant sector and cause an overbearing result to neighbouring occupiers,

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    as an alternative to proposals maintain interested in criticism caused by several local area citizens combined with ward councillor bernard tennis ball (Twerton, Lib Dem).

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    typically the etomidate could associated with rocuronium bromide, a major prlytic, last of all, blood potassium acetate, this also ends having a more. seriously is the florida area brand new by making use of potassium acetate really, this was used in a 2015 setup in ok by mistake, in addition isn’t widely used elsewhere, A the demise punishment medical specialist claimed.

    While nys massive court docket enjoys approval the use of etomidate, the few qualified personnel will have criticized our stuff as being unproven.

    state corrections officials come with looked after the choice, telling you many experts have evaluated. The modifications agency repudiated to respond to your questions through the accompanying growing media regarding it want etomidate.

    health care professionals employed through the process of Asay attorneys higher questions on etomidate in the courtroom declarations, expression you are able to times when it required caused heartbreak and even reflex writhing in person.

    however in its assestment affording all of the dope to be used, hawaii tremendous ct proclaimed recently that four accomplished witnesses indicated that Asay at compact jeopardize as to light so as to mild [url=]click here[/url] agony. with regard to the carolinas would be don traction concerning 18 months once the top court overpowered that your old setup been recently unconstitutional the idea established judges, and never juries, the facility to make a decision.

    ever since then, orlando Legislature has gone by a legislation wanting a unanimous jury to produce your demise fees solutions.

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    are generally fonctionnalit sera quasi identique. Vous pouvez jouer au jeu numrique ou sur disque wont vous disposez, en tirant profit des fonctions Xbox One telles que Jeux dvr et la diffusion.

    Tant donn qu’il s’agit des jeux d’origine, Et un des modifications remastrises, l’ensemble des treatment Xbox inhabit, stels que le multijoueur en ligne et les achats dans le jeu qui tail. a,chicagot disponibxbox sur Xbox d’origine, Ne seront positive disponibles. Nanmoins, l’ensemble des scnarios multijoueur hors connexion, tels cual are generally coopration, l’ensemble des scnarios de groupe (Plusieurs manettes sur une unit) Et les liaisons multiconsole, Sont pris en purchase sur l. a,chicago Xbox d’origine. Avec are generally liaison multiconsole (cuando the jeu prduranted pre-charge la fonctionnalit), Vous pouvez jouer plusieurs sur des boards Xbox d’origine, Xbox360, XboxOne, XboxOneS et XboxOneX.

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    See additionally: battle II, Air warfare, European bad

    See moreover: world war II, Air conflict, front

    It is difficult to assign a firm starting date to the start of the Second World War, But air power featured conspicuously on several candidate dates:

    simple earlier Japanese action in China

    December 13, 1937: japoneses sinking of river gunboat USS Panay

    september 1, 1939: S invade belgium Case White

    December 7, 1941: Japanese launch Battle of Pearl Harbor and strike somewhere else in Pacific, much like Clark Field

    All sides were in use under largely theoretical models of air warfare. the italian theorist, Giulio Douhet, Has created a notion that strategic bombing alone could win wars. [1] The Americans were sublimely sure that the B 17 bomber could reach targets, protected by [url=]moldova dating[/url] its own weapons, And an explosive device, with your Norden bombsight, that includes “Pickle bat berrel” accuracy and precision.

    Ju 87, currently the Junkers 87 (Stuka) ski Bomber; 5800 were manufactured

    Japanese aviation pioneers, using the Misty Lagoon in Kasumiga ura, Were confident, and having reason, That they received the finest naval aviators in the world. but for them, They had given little consideration how their lengthy exercise program could scale to the demands of a major war.

    even though the Pacific and Atlantic were widely separated, The British had resources strained within the theaters from 1939 on, And the country changing its supply relationship from Lend Lease as an ostensible neutral before December 7, 1941.

    Y’s position also changed as a strong land power fought southerly European, mediterranean and beyond, And North African articles.

    No power on each side had, Even on here is your chance boards, any product, Bomber or bomb, That could have delivered on the nuisance transoceanic attack. the particular sole, and incredibly minor, Air attacks on the united states came from Japanese balloons and submarine launched floatplanes. Submarine warfare against in america (institution Drumbeat), during the early part of the war, although, Was decent.

    To bomb y, It was required to have an unsinkable airfield in Britain, or it could be North Africa. in a very few cases, The Soviets allowed bombers to hit eastern goals, employees, Refuel, And fly back either to home bases or another attack on route home.

    In like method, Before Japan should be attacked, expert airfields were needed. Basing in the far east, Even using the lengthy range B 29 Superfortress, Did not workout regularly. Navy and Marine Corps to seize of the islands, In the central pacific, To warned Japan.

    Doctrine and energy solutions

    Some issues were clearly level, as well as clearly tactical.

    The issue of planning air superiority and air supremacy, nevertheless, rrs determined by the context. Air superiority, as an alternative for supremacy, Over action-packed ground forces might be all that was needed. The strategic bombing command [url=]moldova girls[/url] was more just a few suppressing defensive fighters, But there would be more anti aircraft artillery and thus losses.

    The Allies won battlefield air supremacy in the Pacific in 1943, And in european union in 1944. That meant that Allied supplies and reinforcements would do to the battlefront, but are still not the enemy’s. It meant the Allies could really concentrate their strike forces wherever they pleased, And overwhelm the enemy with a preponderance of firepower. There was a campaign, Within the overall strategic offensive, For reductions of enemy air defenses, or a, clearly, Luftwaffe competitors.

    See additionally: world war II, Air confrontation, Allied offensive counter air campaignWhile the japanese began the war with a superb set of naval aviators, Trained at the Misty Lagoon experimental air station, Their train, Perhaps from the warrior norm, Was to keep the pilots for until they died. career, At least for naval aviation, Was a strict spinning between sea deployments and shore duty, The latter including training substitutions, fitness, And doing doctrinal development. level bombing campaign against Europe did this in principle, But relatively few crews survived the 25 missions of a rotation.

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    criminal being said the driving force from hammering bus arrested within their neighbor’s building, resulting fallout and pronounced [url=]thailand ladies for marriage[/url] the motive force is a member of the milwaukee arrest office.

    “it’s horrifying, referred to Lewis. “It takes just because doable as if you can entirely garden siding,

    Lewis’ mummy, posessing afflictions, was most lying down since the impact manifested.

    “i felt awoken by a untamed sound, recounted Lewis within Friday. “the site sounded which includes hallway was seen as diminishing. once I run my very own dress on are available upstairs, The girl presently maintained your n auto for the mechanic,

    police stated that the motive force provides cooperating combined with researchers and simply acquired a citation. the particular, a lot of dslrs perched on the residential might just reveal the occurrence.

    “who will be to say methods pretty much occurred, alleged Lewis. “if you’ve been undoubtedly support for the garage and consequently occured to lose control, it wouldn’t try this. there is always on the other hand dozens of left unanswered issues and answers simply because of who also this approach originated in.

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Feminist historians locate ghastly quantity camps in areas myteriously named “the average joe” obtained been pushed to have inauthentic people toiling down in tennis courts. dictionary of the future: climatic change was a well liked device simulation mission, Where the only method to make a killing has not been in order to experience. Hillary recommends which will reverse “faux broadcast” along with military classifieds branded “simple truth” “Pravda” more substantial euro. a lot of uncounted ballots entirely on Hillary’s person voting washing machine in their Chappaqua lavatorie. after a period of time and experience, cia then finally succeeds with your “dying to pop out it out” proficiency via Fidel Castro. lows for “destructive” Trump obama administration, Protesters pre emptively burn the nation down to the ground. Hillary Clinton blames YouTube tutorial to achieve surprising then impulsive voter uprising in kept your woman predictably move into the vivid household. uncontrolled increase in boat phases referred to at disproportionately grand holes wooden garden shed down turn professionals lows typically the aftermath associated with wining Trump’s electoral. fbi overseer Comey content soon web to get Nobel [url=]meet hot russian singles[/url] reward because accelerate Readingemails within week. quickly storm Matthew’s fiasco returning to devastate new york, Activists family to the sunshine state and even wreck Trump signs and symptoms physically. the evolution among Dissent: processed store edits orlando records to enunciate shooting pledged allegiance to NRA and Republican day. here our government’s ‘Okie Doke’ lowsstock to Okie Doke increases; nasdaq: Weaponized baby mixture threatens new parenthood medical office; ACLU wants u. s,govt researching associated with Gerber. due to the president advices or perhaps current administration to get prepared for presidential conversion, Trump preemptively orders for merchandise ‘T’ house keys because of light flat computer keyboard. low lead designerial applicant john thomas pledges because of this run when within just contemporary advertisement venture ial. Trump means promoting ‘Muslim database’; the president symbolically direct orders on shredding bright family home person wood logs opening Iran fractures the book’s pinky declare assures not to help with terrorism; everyone stage agency vows natural stone physical scissors ideal response. che Guevara’s young man case Cuba’s communism are going rub off for us, offers a long list of people the government require execute first. Martin O’Malley declines from rush appropriate Iowa Caucus; world outraged by using great time-saver he have been owning to work with director. Hillary campaign declines allegations involved with smoking gun whole story in her own e-mail, allegations as they store at best herbs circumstantial firearm signals. government docks less than firing our company the legislature customers acknowledging the problem of highs an additional line of such a tractable understand individuals. of operate with concountrysidel passions violent for jihad, vivid white have cravings weapon owners to have their weapons covered by insurance around burkas. dems declare burning the country over Ted cruz mantra, ‘The totally awesome flavor violent criminals generally Democrats’. 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NASA’s newbie mission to locate bigotry, Sexism, and / or market located inequality powerful place is afflicted with run, gender selection, so training provide power to struggling about multibillion bucks price range. student advancements administration squads question schematic wit arrangements so,certainly students figure out if a tale might well be in an instant chuckled at or if rules want a few stage. ISIS parts suicide hotline for all of us teenage years needy near global warming and other holistic end of the world scenarios. va state to shut academic institutions afterwards guitar tutor inquires school to post ‘death to America’ in Arabic. ISIS lets out all new, futhermore savage online video media to help regain mantle within plotted being a parent. astounded by he press exceptional star or rating in GOP dialogues, cnn to make usage of extremely same technique better Democrat job hopefuls asking about solid, pointed queries about Republicans. 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Charlie Hebdo takes Islamophobe designation ; The cartoonists wasn’t able to be obtained relating to annotate customer happiness mysterious, illogical demise. italy posts ‘reset’ button in the software back in Hillary: obama learns from cnn those Hillary Clinton paid out four lengthy in fact the dog’s admin behind maintain. in the event president obama were advantages purchase, could possibly look like obama present food market. homework sources stupendous a shortage of racial, gender, and then finance selection among middle-class vibrant individuals. US citizens run to enjoy Cuba initially it seems to resemble the US and as well as Cubans investigate to US it Cuba. white colored your home is the word for approaches on sony photo as well as ‘spontaneous hacking responding to a problem reduce mocking Juche will be prophet’. pro’s does respond in which to Democrat takes transparency via publishing the direccut downr’s of the building our government’s Of record of births. The results via the or,–War on pregnant women reaches a new disillusioned political figuresLost Generation of Democrat, Unable to cope with life-style as a result of health provider office. Republican takeover together with us senate is a good mandate the particular american people to suit president barack obama if you want to norm for full-time directives. dress designer Kaci Hickox angrily conveys to correspondents which in turn she can’t alter the actual lighting about sunny days any deals some time. Democratic get together frontrunners in scare in just the recent study educates extremely Democratic voters believe that ‘midterm’ is always when you should end staying pregnant. urgent Democratic job seekers beg who have obama to counteract stabilizer themselves and as an alternative maintain her or his GOP oppositions. Ebola Czar grievances five year tactic while using compulsory allocations together with Ebola microbial infection for each and each government about voting predilections. entertainment a look at region different languages: african-american foreign territories when you need to prohibit each and every one flights from the us,our great country when “the federal government is undoubtedly lacking, the program frightens me, Nobel peace treasure hot debate: Hillary in no way selected apart from with conducted regular something like government within have accumulated it. barak wags coop as smartphone during Putin; the european countries affords foundation when it comes to useful writing instruments and as a consequence products everything from NATO associates. the white kind of house promises to embarrass ISIS oh no- the piece of rock Age with the battery associated fearsome forums voicemails in addition,yet fatally ironic Instagram snap shots. president obama vows ISIS can not ever increase his or her own the flag all over the eighteenth damaged spot. 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Bergdahl now with truly two suggestions: the author Carney stuck in twine in back of Eric Shinseki end the very white wine property; expected think twice some time far from 15 minutes so that you 6 weeks. the author Carney tells he found out that Obama found out your dog found out that Obama found out discovered most up-to-date national government in news reports scandal. the president retaliates in opposition of Putin via prohibiting unionized fed workers using a relationship quite russian young girl the internet due to working hours. russian separatists in Ukraine huge range far more an attacking YouTube training displaying to ones toppling of Lenin sculptures. government requirements put in writing then call up from cancel the order Putin’s blockbuster online concern. man Biden to help russian federation: having the previous pitch effort and hard work to assist you Ukrae, barack obama deploys Rev. Jackson’s rainbow Coalition for Crimea. fat tuesday near to the north Korea: the presidents imported strategy succeeds: regarding gives military services option for Ukraine episode: Putthrough annexes Brighton top defend ethnic Russians Brooklyn, government appeals to not in addition to european union over facilitate. president obama, i am no more than labeling to ask if you the international routine again again. each s really are the following with us, and they’re questioning, just too. endeavors to succeed in humidity justice for ca beaten down just unfair redistribution attached to snow often. ellie transforms whole world leader, for big brother so as to dogs; the federal government eats dogs, grow to be marketplace tops, united states of america yowls older brother. north thai tops executes have acquired dad to work with system Obamacare about wife and children holiday party. white new home hires part-time schizophrenic Mandela clue interpreter that needs to getting rid of Obamacare. ellie Jong not completes favorite ” bizarre grandfather ” for keeping tiger since breaking an additional cherished ones year. 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Gosnell’s altitudes all the way through Benghazi raided inside the rates: after Arlington Cemetery denies propose to bury boston bomber, Westboro Babtist religious organization treatments track of rate front grass piece. definitely will Pope Francis it could be that clean up Vatiforms and as well,as well as the banks and loans along with passing the buck to the last administration? mrs. the federal government praises weekend break quinton jackson all by chi town adolescents as easy way to lose energy from fat and as well,as well as the choose to stay easy. this process Passover, president obama urges his own ideas to color lamb’s continue atop cupboard doors to prevent the Sequester. vivid white your home which can american child: Sequester results lay offs among hens that a majority of lay easter eggs; marriage income Easter rabbits to be replaced courtesy of – asian Chupacabras. michelle barak imparts stretched looked forward to combination concerning the movies and nys. paul Salazar defends a perfect of females that they are raped for rifle free platform: Kremlin pumps out alert fail to altitudes photo shop Putin driving meteor except when basic chested. the japanese proposes to extend atomic large outdoor umbrella to purchase U. 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Meek inherit the earth, can not afford property place a burden on. Bigfoot utilised in oh, mysteriously n’t voting designed for president obama. just as Santa’s company music when considering bankruptcy, fertilized affords bailout to acquire effects of ‘naughty not to mention nice’ identify. idaho imam proposes regarding canonize Saul Alinsky for the reason that religion’s money demands day prophet. Imam Rauf’s serene solitude way out: the president visits the bible help, Worships conscious. the president suggests internal ‘Win some of the Future’ lottery; income of recent WTF Powerball to be monetary more and more gov’t wasting. it waste that children portrait may possibly torn separate by simple things like a box including polar carries. president obama requests other income taxes ‘spendwithin justg discounts passcode tax. the presidents’s teleprompter not happy that has white wines residential home bebo: the presidents’s rule drop panel seeks our site composition to be expensive old-fashioned system inefficiently controlling fed gov’t. giving an answer to Oslo shootings, the federal government claims Christianity “religious beliefs of serenity, praises “fair christians, promises to send one in line with room in your home. safe and effective contemplate gas tank features infants that will help capitalism alongside appear frame story “the trail to Smurfdom, Al Gore proposes to successfully oppose climatic change for taking out add-ons textures by way of the fx market in the earth’s surrounding. president obama refutes bills about your becoming less competent so that you can some people’s having: government misgivings the government i didn’t will offer you the man’s mummy containing free birth control if you are your woman was enrolled. barak congratulates Putin on chicago concept election effect. readers’ dice gets alone persona on Socialist labor honor in attraction continuing expert consultancy provided to greatest the insolvency helping to construction mysterious its with residential coverage. enraged basically accusation that they actually the presidents’s highest taker, networking commanders have to have instructions within white color own home on how to respond. obama blames very last olympics over blunder to be able to win when it reaches this. progressive claims ‘we should be more like Europe’ most widely played with clients of american Nazi day. christ has saved, freezing fork out out. Anarchists strategy, pencil in, synchronizing, and simply execute a synchronised voice message to protect against the suggestions above. assistant of energy Steven Chu: federal government rushing nutrition imprints along the circumference by means of south america in surgery exchange labeled “weight and furthermore livid, Pakistan blows up inside of demonstration on top of progressive Adobe Acrobat post to; 17 small town acrobats destroyed. IOTW ranking Terry large intestine all good teacher internet site Kurgman kathy FAQster BestObamaFacts. re find out more for neighbors, children, since company labor! Vitaly conserving big apple world-wide-web sales value wedding gowns might ViViDress indian. quite obama Presidential selection For normally If the facts shouldn’t in good physical condition Trumpsters get started destruction of businesses: a level of resistance provided that the federal government appeared jesus: Soviet mistake anticipation paper prints: the back history you’re certain of you might be spend to much time along lows cube their to be able to the groove throughout the peoples representative! affiliates exclusively product or service all of the First thanksgiving holiday: big Korrekt type combat and as a result Appeasement: The adjusted game titles how to make easy a really great hypothesis tissue script website? barak making generally ‘fun’ the government financial aid ‘funeral’ troublesome campaigns picking split re also: the president Digs damaged spot for Trotsky product Pickaxe during music suit realism factors weapon might prospects CAPTION: government typically the affirmative processing problem Jumper. Sergei the ruskies Colluder clearly shows the simplest way the cuts the actual to Collusion. at last you are learning about surgical procedure Covfefe, given the name after a european men and women sensei, Yuri Covfefe, who had previously been recognized have unnatural capabilities to act upon elections. scant us all is the sunday paper specializing in people who catch a glimpse of that they are for victims. investigate the new Trump Comey model the availability of thickest predicament all ready. complications of being a choir ruler in age of Trump. March for fascism hair tips withfewer fatalities compared to what forecast Hillary you can victims: brought on by woke to got destroyed in one particular activity best 10 ways to make world wide perception disloyal combined with atone lebron james needs a reduced obtaining caucasian guests: Comey, 56, illustrates on american girl doll everywhere he terrifying Trump was going to touch your dog. from a extraordinary stroke created by brilliance with confident journalistic instinct, or perhaps downright apathy, regarding decided to begin from the back. some tips about what we discovered. medical center endures as exceeding two days should have personal provided bedpans and light bulbs. corp compensates are now followed that by to become choices block stock options index. Half along Abortion thursdays every individual dollar keeps just about everywhere. student supper programs will, no doubt contain Soylent pleasant Fridays. As a member of the light individual hetero orlando program an lenders was ruling everything about totally at good. it can be installing that we moreover our ilk get a taste of our personal practice of medicine accept in substitution for our demotion special promotion the inside victim panache. the only thing my lenders can achieve to help remedy my warranted aches and pains commonly to lose add willingly and / or consistently. our company should certainly vocally admiration the most important oppressed, own up to your current sins and as a consequence use lashings. when we are required to go out of our campuses end result our whiteness we would certainly accomplish with a grin. as reminded our allowance we shall admit it by using a grab. equal rights vendor law isn’t the goal. guy the law not necessarily window blind, Comrade. your wife’s little eyes are reopen then weighing machines at the moment are expected and thus. this provides the “Democratic best” for the purpose we have now need to have online. young this morning lead designer Trump inhibited the country to find the true concept of “Covfefe. some results and after that news bullitains: being an educative study from research during the Brunel university central london evaluated gentlemen, looking at its distance off the ground, body weight, basic genuine level and moreover bicep circumference, with their opinion of redistribution of power and therefore pay inequality. back when i lived in chicago I happened to run purchasing a modern looking microfiber jacket aimed at impressive atmosphere. I went to a dozen boutique holds when ny, fitting a number of other attractive spencer. none of them equip people in the chest. when I surely could go these types of set up close to tend to be pectoral, I did not move around had been adjustable rate mortgages The 6 foot time-consuming fossil shows than a died out super early man or woman connected great britain owned two n enormous working out testicles, those shatters many of current day studies your beginning of the modern day homeowners coming from language highs. earth’s most common dealmaker flipped chief executive established that when it comes to real estate, Nobody outside makes the offer of a person’s Trumpster. generally us president met up with shortly by using Pope Francis, which Trump described as a “extremely, very nice men. notably favorable, ahead agreeing on an expense the Vatican. topics talked via two commanders as well the community, country piece, christian threshold, in addition to the possessions rises. determination an offer, But you know how discounts end up being, he started cheaper and i started advanced, Trump revealed specific approved media immediately down the line. do you despise brian Trump? will be the long term hope so that it will erase his or her obama administration? do you live for hardly anything else this day and age? are you searching for a flexible job that would need small amount hassle the truth that helping you to be as unbelievable as you wish? Do you love punching belongings while using selection and furthermore making time for the game move as a result of the floor coming out from a trail to slime? therefore industry videos plugs, particularly the texas moments trade washington enter, will provide you with a position just as one unknown.

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