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  • With Midterms Behind Us, Muslim Congresswoman Reveals Her True Colors – Fully Supports Anti-Israel Agenda


    Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar, a Muslim refugee from Somalia and a newly elected U.S. representative, is facing backlash for her inconsistent stance on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel. In a statement to the Muslim Girl blog days after the midterm election, her campaign made it clear that the congresswoman-elect supports the movement. “Ilhan believes in and supports […] More

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  • Ben & Jerry’s Unashamed Support Of Linda Sarsour Earns Them SERIOUS BACKLASH!


    The internationally recognized ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s made it clear in a Twitter statement this week that it’s willing to tolerate antisemitism and misogyny in the name of resisting President Donald Trump’s otherwise successful presidency. The informal statement was published three days after the ice cream manufacturer unveiled a new chocolate ice cream flavor Tuesday […] More

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  • Don’t Be Fooled: Democrats Have Long History Of HATING JEWS, Republicans Largely Pro-Israel


    Ilhan Omar, the Somali-born Democrat running for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, is widely expected to win her race despite history of making statements condemning Israel and Jewish people, many of which have been seen by many as hurtful and anti-Semitic. In one instance, Omar, who is a practicing Muslim, took to Twitter in 2012 to […] More

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