BILL CLINTON ACCUSER Takes Schumer/#MeToo To Task, Records STUNNING Phone Call – ‘Will You Believe Me?’

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In October 2016, Leslie Millwee came forward to demand Bill Clinton be held accountable for sexually assaulting her multiple times. The media and the Democrat Party ignored her.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Leslie Millwee says she was thinking about coming out publicly around 1998, when the Monica Lewinsky scandal began to dominate the national conversation.  But at the time, she says she decided to remain quiet, in part fearing for her children after watching the way other Clinton sex accusers were treated by the Clintons and the news media.

Three of Millwee’s friends told Breitbart News that she told them in the late 1990’s that Clinton sexually assaulted her while she was a reporter and that the future president allegedly knocked on her apartment door.

Millwee claims the assaults took place in a small, isolated editing room at her now-defunct station, KLMN-TV, which covered the Fort Smith/Fayetteville markets.  At the time Millwee reported under the assumed name Leslie Derrick.

As part of her job, Millwee says that she covered the so-called Cuban Refugee Crisis, which took place in 1980 when about 125,000 Cubans fled their homeland in boats and were allowed into the U.S.  By May 1980, about 20,000 refugees were housed at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas’s military base, creating security and law enforcement problems for then Governor Clinton with refugees rioting and escaping the compound.

Millwee says she interviewed Clinton about 20 times at various public events and at Fort Chaffee and saw him inside the KLMN station.

She claims that when she was around him, Clinton singled her out with “inappropriate gestures,” and that he made flirtatious comments like, “Hey pretty girl. How are you today?” This went on, Millwee says, for several months.

Millwee claims that as part of his attempts to come on to her, Clinton gave her half of his tie and told her that she should give him more attention and hold onto the tie because one day he would be the U.S. president.

She also says that Clinton signed his name to a page on her reporter’s notebook that had her own name on it, writing “Clinton” directly above her name.

“And I said, ‘What are you doing? Giving me an autograph now?’ And he said, ‘No, I just wanted to show you how good Clinton looks on top of Leslie.’”

Millwee provided Breitbart News with an image of Clinton’s alleged signature on her reporter’s notebook. (see below)

For the entire Millwee interview with Breitbart News, go here.

Yesterday, Millwee left a message for Senator Schumer, who suggested that anyone who has a claim that they’ve been sexually assaulted should come forward. Millwee recorded her powerful message to the hypocritical Democrat Senator and tweeted it, for everyone to hear.

Millwee tweeted:

This is the message I left for Senator Schumer. Also calling Feinstein. WILL they have the courage or I integrity to call me back?? 

Leslie Millwee says that on two of the alleged occasions, Clinton groped her while he rubbed himself against her and reached climax.

After these alleged sexual assaults, Millwee claims, Clinton showed up at her apartment and knocked on her door for several minutes while trying to talk his way inside.  She says that Clinton departed after she purportedly refused to respond.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, former Democrat presidential candidate and wife of Bill Clinton, the man who’s been accused multiple times of sexual assault and even rape, appeared Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show where she told Maddow that she believes Christine Blasey Ford deserves the benefit of the doubt in her 36-year-old sexual assault accusation against President Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Clinton told Maddow: “I remember back in the Thomas hearing when Senator Byrd was asked what he was going to do, and he said in a situation like this we should give the benefit of the doubt to the court and the country,” Clinton said Tuesday. “And that’s what the Republicans should be doing right now, from the White House down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Senate, give the benefit of the doubt to the court and the country. And that means having an investigation that will then lead to a hearing that will then lead to a vote if appropriate. And instead, they are playing the hardest of hardballs to try to pack the court with, you know, another nominee, regardless of the questions.”

Millwee just posted her message to Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA), where she asked that she be “believed” by the senior Democrat Senator:

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