Liberal Media Toss Kid Rock An Anti-Trump ‘Gotcha’ Question – He Makes Them INSTANTLY REGRET IT!

The establishment media seems to love setting up victims with “gotcha” questions and pitting newsmakers against one another — even when they’re on the same side.

Not everyone targeted for a surprise attack by the media can catch on to the game, but singer Kid Rock did on Thursday.

The artist, whose legal name is Robert James Ritchie, was walking into the White House when a reporter outside tossed out a question to him. It was an obvious set-up, baiting the musician to criticize the White House — or make him look foolish with a half-baked answer.

But as a show business veteran, Kid Rock caught on to the set-up immediately, as evidenced by his quick, shut-down reply:

In the C-Span video clip, just as Rock neared the first pillar, a reporter can be heard yelling, “Should President Trump fire Jeff Sessions?” As Rock appeared between the two pillars he responded, “He should fire you.” And without missing a beat, continued walking toward the White House entrance as if nothing of importance just happened.

Score another one for Team Trump.

The Daily Caller reported that the singer was at the White House to join fellow musical artist Kanye West and former NFL legend Jim Brown for lunch with the president. They were gathered — along with numerous other musical stars — for something more than lunch:

It was to see President Donald Trump sign the Music Modernization Act, a bill updating music royalties laws for the digital age, according to The Tennessean.

In his comments after the signing, Rock praised Trump as not getting enough credit for the good that has been accomplished in his two years in office. He then called the royalties bill “a great start to protect songwriters, producers, engineers — the unsung heroes behind many of these songs that go out there.”

Given the fact the media knew Trump’s agenda and who would be visiting the White House on Thursday and why, it is notable that Rock was thrown a political question that had absolutely nothing to do with the Music Modernization Act.

Clearly, the question was geared to get something that could be used to further smear Trump.

Kid Rock is one of the few celebrities who publicly fight against the left and anti-Trump sentiment.

He was also open about his support for Trump for president, telling Rolling Stone magazine in February 2016 that he was “digging Trump” and thought Americans should let a businessman run the country like a business.

(The interview can be found hereBut warning, it’s full of F-bombs, and Rolling Stone doesn’t have a problem publishing obscenities.)

West, the rap megastar, got most of the media attention, naturally. While the entire visit was entertaining, one of the more light-hearted and endearing moments came when Kanye did something many would find to be against protocol:

Stating that he loved  Trump, the singer also left his seat to make physical contact with the world leader. It’s not something the Secret Service is too fond of allowing, but in this case, the hug went uninterrupted.

Despite the positive meeting and purpose for it, the establishment media and social media were quick to attack.

Of course, not everyone bought into the hatefest. Some took to social media to praise the moment for what it was.

Despite all the positives that came from the visits Thursday, the establishment media chose to focus on being negative and critical.

Rather than simply reporting the events of the day and outcomes or even using the opportunity to get a great quote from Kid Rock about the music bill, the theme of the day seemed to be “attack, attack attack.”

Fortunately for conservatives and the Trump White House, Kid Rock, at least, was ready.

Via WesternJournal

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