WATCH: Hillary Clinton Calls On Democrats To Be ‘UNCIVIL’ Against Conservatives

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This is the proverbial icing on the radical liberal cake.

Hillary Clinton just gave orders to the (dwindling) angry democrat mob to refuse civility towards fellow Americans! It’s one thing to be bitter, but the two-time political FAILURE isn’t mincing words with this recent dog call for potential violence against anyone that would think differently than the mainstream liberal hivemind.

In an interview with CNN, Clinton said, “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for.”

She then went on to say the only way “civility” will be restored, is if Democrats win in midterms.

America can no longer tolerate these sentiments. Order cannot exist where chaos is running amuck. In light of all the mishandlings, Democrats have been so recently responsible for, violence and unrest is definitely not the right message to be sent to your potential voter base.

These are desperate words from a desperate and dying political party that has lost relevance and stature.

The RED WAVE is coming, and it will crush what was once a valid political voice for American people. R.I.P. Democrats.


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