Hey Democrats, If You Believe ALL SURVIVORS, When Does Juanita Broaddrick Get Her Chance To Be Heard?

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If you were looking for a perfect definition of hypocrisy then look no further than the Democratic party.

Liberals and feminist from across the nation have made it clear – they believe all survivors, every woman should be heard, all men are guilty until proven innocent…unless it involves Juanita Broaddrick and disgraced former President Bill Clinton.

Where is the #MeToo sisterhood when Juanita needs them? Where are the feminist avengers, standing by Broaddrick in her fight to be heard? Nowhere.

Nevermind that, Juanita is a fighter and now she is doubling down to FINALLY be heard.

Juanita Broaddrick has had enough of the hate and hypocrisy on the left and she’s fighting back – starting with a new petition, demanding that Congress investigate Bill Clinton and allow his accusers to have a voice.

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