White Liberals THREATEN And FORCE Hispanic Restaurant Owner To Apologize For Letting Jeff Sessions Eat In Peace

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A Hispanic restaurant owner was forced to shut down his eatery’s social media presence and publicly apologize last week after left-wing bullies began harassing his family for allowing Attorney Jeff Sessions to dine peacefully at their diner and treating him with respect.

“We’ve actually received many, many, many insults and many, many complaints, and even some death threats,” Roland Laurenzo, the president of Laurenzo’s Restaurant Group, which owns the El Tiempo Cantina restaurant in Houston.

“We honestly didn’t get it — we didn’t see that we were doing something wrong,” he added. We did’t even have any idea that this was going to happen. This has been a total surprise for us. It has been extremely shocking to our family.

What makes this story tragic is that Laurenzo appears to believe his family was in the wrong for what they did, which was allow Sessions to dine at their restaurant and then post a picture of the attorney general with Laurenzo’s son to the restaurant’s Facebook page .

“We had the honor to server (SIC) Mr. Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the United States. Thank you for allowing us to serve you,” the picture’s caption read.


For the apparent crime of showing respect to a government official chosen by America’s duly elected president, Donald J. Trump, Laurenzo’s family promptly became the victim of  backlash and outrage so severe that he reportedly shut down every one of the restaurant social media accounts, including its Facebook one.

“People are insulting us in such a dramatic fashion, and we feel like we don’t deserve it,” he said in a statement to KTRK. “At least temporarily I had it taken down because I don’t want to be insulted, my children to be insulted, my family to be insulted.”

Here’s just a small sample of some of the hatred that’s been dealt his family’s way from allegedly tolerant left-wingers, many of them as white as chalk.

Keep in mind these are the same sorts of hypocritical leftists who purport to be champions of immigrants and minorities. In reality, they only support minorities who fall in line with their expectations and demands like plantation slaves.

Laurenzo was so bothered by the undeserved backlash his family received that he made it a point to tell KHOU that he doesn’t support Session’s immigration policy or his views on gay rights. It’s unclear what he even meant given as Sessions has established a strong track record on civil rights by locking up hate crime perpetrators, including a Texas man who reportedly physically assaulted a gay man.

Truth be told, it’s clear Laurenzo was just trying to appease the irrational, psychotic left-wing mob. Welcome to 21st-century America, ladies and gentlemen, a place where Hispanic business owners must publicly apologize to white liberals for the crime of treating a government official with respect.


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