Trump Is DONE PLAYING NICE – POTUS Preparing To Declassify EVERYTHING To Bring The Deep State To Its Knees!

Former D.C. bureau chief for Investor’s “Business Daily” just dropped a BOMB on Twitter.

Paul Sperry tweeted out that this month President Trump will be declassifying a stack of documents that will drag the Deep State down.

Sperry also claims that Trump may release emails between Ohr and Steele, which will prove the collusion between Obama’s DOJ and a foreign entity, pushing a phony dossier in hopes of destroying President Trump.

As well as the entire unredacted Carter Page FISA warrant!

Buckle up, folks! A storm is coming…

Via TruthFeed

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BREAKING: Trump Close To Dropping a BOMB On Deep State, Will Declassify EVERYTHING to Prove Himself!

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