Angry Liberal THUGS Violently Assault Candace Owens And Trump Supporters In Philly, Scream ‘F**K White Supremacy!’

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A far left mob harassed conservative commentator Candace Owens while she was eating breakfast at a Philadelphia coffee shop with Charlie Kirk.

The conservative activists with the group Turning Point USA, which was founded by Kirk, found themselves the target of ANTIFA protests Monday morning as they attempted to eat breakfast.

The thugs, some of whom had their faces covered, threw unidentified items at the two and even dumped drinks on them. One unhinged woman could be heard shrieking “Shame on You!” over and over again in video footage captured from the scene.

“This is the face of the Democrats,” Kirk tweeted. “Conservatives aren’t safe – @RepMaxineWaters called for this.”

Protesters used megaphones and screamed in the faces of the Trump supporters who have become the face of young conservatives as they’ve been organizing conservative student activists with Turning Point USA.

The far left mob chanted “No More White Supremacy” at Owens and Kirk and “F*ck Racist Police!” at all the minority officers at the scene.

Kirk warned that “these radicals will be in charge of the levers of power” if Democrats regain control of Congress in November.

Many instantly condemned the attacks on Twitter.

Via BizPac

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