Mueller’s Probe Has Officially Become The MOST CORRUPT Investigation Ever

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Rudy Giuliani took the gloves off and called the Mueller into President Trump the most corrupt investigation ever.

From Conservative Post:

Rudy Giuliani on Sunday continued his assault on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, but said President Trump’s legal team hasn’t spent much time crafting an argument that the special counsel’s appointment was unconstitutional.

Giuliani, who joined Trump’s legal team earlier this year, was pressed on ABC’s “This Week” about the president’s claim last month that the special counsel was “totally unconstitutional.”

“Frankly we haven’t really researched that with the depth that we should to see if we would raise it. Of course, you raise every argument in favor of your client,” Giuliani said.

The former New York City mayor blasted Mueller’s team over claims of bias against Trump, and suggested that would play a role in whether the president sits for an interview.

“This is the most corrupt investigation I have ever seen, that the Justice Department is allowing to go forward,” Giuliani said.


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