Chuck Schumer’s First Town Hall Of 2018 Was An Epic Fail – Leaves Supporters Roasting

New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer’s planned Brooklyn Town Hall was canceled after problems with his flight back to New York Monday, according to a report from News 12 Brooklyn.

Attendees sat in a hot synagogue for about an hour before Schumer instead conducted a teletownhall, according to a Twitter thread from a New York Times reporter attending the event Monday.

New Yorkers were told that they could call a phone number to have their questions answered, instead of asking Schumer questions in person, according to the News 12 Brooklyn report.

“There’s a lot of scary things going on right now, so we wanted him here [to] show his leadership and tell us what he’s gonna do to unite the Democratic party,” one attendee told News 12 Brooklyn.

Attendees left the synagogue with a cardboard cut-out of Schumer and posed with it on the street, giving thumbs-down signs with the cut-out Schumer, according to the Twitter thread.

On the call-in town hall, one caller called Schumer “shameful” for pushing back on California Democratic Rep.  Maxine Waters’s call to harass members of the Trump Administration in public, according to the Twitter thread. The caller called Waters a “precious truth-teller.”

The whereabouts of the Schumer cut out are not currently known to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Via DailyCaller

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