Democrats Just Can’t Explain Away The DAMNING VIDEO AND PICTURES We Unearthed – They AREN’T The Friends Of Immigrants They Say They Are

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Democrats have shown their true colors. They are no longer a political party centered on ideas and policies they hope to aid and improve our country and the citizens that comprise it. No. They are nothing more than racketeers. They simply put on whatever song and dance are popular at the moment in order to win votes.

They use these votes to secure government jobs and power so that they can twist and manipulate our government for their own gains. Just look at the videos and pictures we uncovered! It wasn’t but a few short years ago that Democrats had a completely different stance on illegal immigration.

Don’t listen to these liars. Whatever they say, whatever they promise, all they want is to control you and to line their pockets by the sweat of the American People’s brow.

Remember, the following pictures were all taken while Barack Obama was President.


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