With Three Simple Words James Woods Turns Hillary Clinton Into The Worlds’ Biggest Clown!

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Actor James Woods shut down Hillary Clinton’s faux outrage over the government’s longstanding immigration policy by throwing the Clinton Foundation’s Haiti scandals in her face.

Hillary tweeted: “Like so many others, I am horrified and heartbroken by what is happening to immigrant kids and families because of this administration’s disastrous policies.” Woods retorted: “Now do Haiti.”

The Clinton Foundation reportedly raised tens of millions of dollars for Haiti earthquake relief in 2010, but funneled most of that money back to itself, according to multiple press reports. So much for helping Haitian children and families torn apart by a devastating earthquake.

Shockingly, Bill and Hillary Clinton allegedly used millions from those charitable donations to pay for their daughter Chelsea’s lavish 2010 wedding, according to an email by a top Clinton aide.

Amazingly, 93.6% of the Clinton Foundation was used on expenses while just 6.4% went to charity. Since 2001, the Clinton Foundation has raised more than $2 billion in “charitable donations.”

Hillary, who once called black youth “super-predators,” sanctimoniously quoted a Bible verse to slam Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who quoted a Bible verse to support his stance on illegal immigration.

Naturally, because Hillary is Hillary, she then panhandled for money from her 23.1 million Twitter followers.

The mainstream media have suddenly pounced on longstanding immigration laws that were approved by both Democrats and Republicans many years ago.

The sudden focus on the “separation” of illegal-alien “families” is an attempt to attack President Trump, whose approval ratings have risen because of the strong U.S. economy and his efforts to broker peace on the Korean peninsula.

Meanwhile, the media intentionally ignore a key fact underpinning the child-migrant crisis, which is that most of the adults accompanying the children who illegally cross the border are not the parents of those kids.

Attorney Will Chamberlain noted: “10,000 of the 12,000 kids in US custody came here alone, unaccompanied. And in all the breathless coverage of this story, no one thought to mention that?”

In other words, the children’s parents made the decision to separate their families when they sent their kids unaccompanied on the dangerous journey to America.

Chamberlain summed up, “So we now know:

10,000 of 12,000 children in custody crossed alone, unaccompanied
Massive increase in fraudulent “family” crossings
Massive increase in fraudulent asylum claims.”


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