Dennis Rodman Tosses Obama Under NOKO Bus! ‘Obama Refused Peace Talks’

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A shocking revelation has just become available for WFT today. In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Dennis Rodman has just revealed a bombshell. The interview was very telling about Obama’s true intentions regarding North Korea. Dennis Rodman said that Obama refused peace talks with North Korea.

Rodman was asked about his relationship with Kim Jong-Un. That is when Rodman broke down and revealed the bombshell of the century. Rodman said that he tried and tried to let failed President Obama know that Kim was willing to sit at the negotiating table.

“Obama pushed me away,” Rodman said in an emotional tone. Rodman then went on to talk about how no one had ever kept their promise with Kim. As you may recall, in an article highlighted by The Guardian, Rodman brought a team of basketball players to play in front of Kim. Kim then befriended Rodman because Rodman kept his word. According to Rodman, “Kim just wanted peace.”

Obama’s “anti-American” presidency was full of controversy.  The only difference between him and the rest of the failed presidents before him was the establishment media refused to bring his foulness to the light. Outlets like CNN and MSNBC were busy trying to paint a false image of Obama’s “sainthood.”

However, we know that Obama is far from that. Additionally, if anyone tried to expose him, they were painted as a “racist.” Obama gave money to terrorists and traded terrorists in a negotiation to get a traitor back (Bowe Bergdahl). The left claim that the US economic boom is Obama’s doing. They refuse to give credit to President Trump.

Upon watching grueling hours of CNN during the North Korean summit, We have realized that at the moment, CNN is forced to admit that Trump has made history. They still refuse to admit that Trump has fulfilled his promises to his followers. Additionally, they refuse to admit that Trump’s policies are good for the good of America.

Dennis Rodman was wearing a MAGA hat during the interview. That, in my opinion, was a slap in the face to the liberal Trump haters! As Trump continues his trek in making America great again, we have one question for CNN and all the other Trump haters, “How do you like those apples?” What else will we find out about Obama and his “America hating” views?


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