The Royal Wedding Was Beautiful And Historic – Somehow Al Sharpton Makes It All About Racism And Division

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Al Sharpton did the impossible this week by making the royal wedding of Prince Harry and biracial Meghan Markle about race.

Sharpton made the happy union of the American actress and English royal — watched and celebrated by millions across the globe — purely about skin color. Sharpton said on his weekly National Action Network rally that the wedding was proof that white supremacy is dying out.

“When you got little white girls in Wales saying, ‘I want to be like Meghan,’ there’s a shift worldwide that white male supremacy is on its last breath,” Sharpton said.

“That old world is passing away,” Sharpton declared, “They’re losing their minds because their world is passing away.”

Meghan Markle, an American actress, has a black mother and white father.

According to the New York Daily News, Sharpton continued, saying that the wedding has provided an inflection point where Michelle Obama and Meghan Markle are idolized, and that will cause “white parents” to panic.

“When you have little white girls in Arkansas look up and say, ‘I want to be beautiful and smart like Michelle Obama. I want to dress like the Obama girls.’ That’s where that white supremacy is questioned. White parents in their living rooms say, ‘We’ve got to do something.’ That’s what Trump played on. ‘We’re losing control of our own children.’”

Markle’s beaming mother, Doria Ragland, was at the ceremony and procession featured a black American Bishop and a black choir.

“They’re losing their minds because the world is passing away where they are the standard,” Sharpton declared. “Where they decide what is beauty, where they decide what is of intellectual depth.”


Via DailyCaller

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