BUSTED: Maxine Waters Caught In UGLY SCANDAL, Her Next Stop Might Be Prison!

BuzzFeed declared that Maxine Waters is “the newest hero of the anti-Trump Internet,” while MSNBC announces she is an “icon of the Trump resistance.”

Despite 13 terms in Congress, Waters only recently gained a national profile, after vowing to obstruct President Trump and promising to impeach him, even though Waters’ pal Nancy Pelosi conceded that Trump has committed no impeachable offenses.

Well, that’s not all folks! We have another scandal for their hero.

According to Hannity, Senator Kamala Harris funneled around $90,000 into Waters’ campaign fund between 2010 and 2016. Harris wanted an election endorsement on Waters’ mailing list, and of course, Waters wasn’t going to endorse her for FREE. These people are CRIMINALS, and Waters appears to be one of the ringleaders of the liberal circus.

There’s so much wrong with this story, that it’s hard to find a good point to jump in. First, there were two instances where money was exchanged — once in 2010, totaling $63,000, and again, in 2016, for the amount of $30,000. That seems like an AWFUL lot of money just to appear on a mailer.

We have to wonder WHERE that money came from, and why it was so readily transferred into Waters’ already bulging wallet. One would have to assume that Senator Harris paid for her endorsement with OUR tax dollars. This is an absolute outrage!

Next, you have to wonder if ALL the people on her mailing list paid her to get on there. If so, did they pay more, less, or about the same as Harris? It may seem inconsequential, but it’s nothing short of “pay for play,” which is what Hillary and other corrupt Democrats are known for.

We know that since the “pay for play” mailer was developed, Waters scored close to $750,000 from it. Not bad for a lucrative little side project operated by Waters’ daughter. It should go without saying, but if her daughter is in charge of this project, then she knows about the corruption and is likely a willing participant. What do you think about this?

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Via ConservativeUS

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    Several states have signed abortion legislation into law, But any law that has moved the particular courts has ultimately been blocked or struck down, Zeigler claims. Iowa, North Dakota and Kentucky have noticed related laws blocked.

    “Women who are panicked should be aware they have time, Said Alexa Kolbi Molinas of the ACLU’s reproductive system Freedom Project, And patients should not cancel their sessions.

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    The Georgia law is more complex.

    Like birmingham, al, It explicitly states that doctors who perform abortions will be sued. It is clear about those fees and penalties. The bill is more vague about the criminal prosecution (Or non requested by prosecution) of ladies.

    On sunday, Slate published content pages with a not entirely accurate headline: “georgia just criminalized abortion. Women who terminate their pregnancies would receive life in prison,

    It suggested that inside of the Georgia law, Women who terminate their pregnancy would be prosecuted and sentenced to either life in prison or death.

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    Landlord75 1 point written 20 hours ago

    i am not sure we should be encouraging this guy. He seems to have some mental issues to deal with which he seems to think he can solved by simply dating a WF. While I am all for and actively encourage AM bear in mind dating non AF, For some there’s not any option since so many AF will not consider them as viable partners but visibly hate them too. However there needs to be wise practice involve. A guy going around saying he want to date someone purely for their race is unhealthy. It won’t be long before we have AM blurt out stupid stuff like you see with these airhead Asian girls going around you will need to like they have a ‘no Asian dating policy’.

    Do Asian men really want or need to go down the same road as Asian women who are seeking white men for status? Once you’ve openly declare you’re consumed by someone for their race, Then people will look at you weird and invariably ask you questions such as why? Do you then want to roll of a long list of excuses that 1) could make you look like you’re putting white women on a pedestal and 2) May lead you down the road of bashing Asian women to justify your preferences? If you like someone and they happened to be white, Shouldn’t you just try and meet up with her and see if you get any interest in return? I think they will get the hint it interests you without you needing to declare out loud you’re attracted to white women. Declaring you like white women won’t lead to a horde of white women banging your doors down for a date why is it that it?

    1bagger 13 points put up 9 days ago

    TBH, E Asia is not there in the fabrication free speech; mainly, Due to the populace lack of knowledge of the world and the wholesales worship of Western institutions. One example is white men will never follow Asian men to cause disorder in the west, But there are various Asians who happily follow whites to sow discord within Asia.

    in the western world, Free speech is being lowered. just picture what “Free oral communication” Would do to a developing countries with foreign powers trying to disrupt your design. There is a reason why the West keep with their version of democracy, Human immediately, And free dialog. And it is not as they simply want you to develop and become richer than them.

    Landlord75 47 points put forward 16 days ago

    Your experience is now pretty normal based on my own experience. Always approach AF’s in the workplace with a high degree of caution, especially those that are in WMAF relationships until you get to know them. Some once they know more about you in fact ok. However a lot of these women are scums, Always scheming and distributing rumours about you behind your back. Their ultimate goal is to make sure you fail and push you out. So be careful what you say or do around these people.

    do you know what the problem was? It was just too obvious that white bias / that white worship it was so bad that even other white women were placing comments about it

    BF have been vocal about the injustices in the singles dating scene, and they have discovered successfully moved the dial in the public conversation

    I always thought components WMAF its BFs who have no qualms about calling out racism and racist social structures that have helped pushed this to the forefront. I glad they can see the hypocrisy including we can

    Hapas like ET and the other guys on reddit hapas also deserve credit AFs really hate them the most given that they basically time travellers and images projected from their future half white kids. Who are giving them a call out for their bullshit

    I go along with most of what you said, But I would disagree with this comparability. I think we have actually been very vocal on this topic. unfortunately, the difference is that every time we bring it up, We get yelled down by Asian “Feminists” And their white knights who use mainstream social justice tactics to silence and suppress the debate. The examples of this happening are wide ranging, From this community being grouped with all the usual men rights bull shit, To targeted attacks on Asian men trying to draw attention to the subject, To the refusal by mainstream media to cover the subject which is, again, At work here as they chosen to target the black women angle.

    There are a number of reasons for this. to get one, It needs to be remembered that the forces we are trying to tear down are much more powerful than those faced by black women. By criticizing the white worship inherent in WMAF, We are going up the actual interests of white men, While for black the women, Their main holes are black men and white women, Groups that are significantly less powerful. on top of this, Black women use a women as victim narrative that conforms to general feminist sentiment, While Asian men have no such popular ideology to select from. In cutting-edge America, Black women are effectively viewed as the single most disenfranchised identity group, beyond the borders of perhaps how to compliment a vietnamese woman black lesbians who are seen as having it even worse. electrical systems, Asian men swindles forever identified with patriarchy and power.

    So it is no surprise to me that this debate is being carried by black women, But I don think it because were quiet. instead, It is because conditions being what they are, they have a much easier time getting the message across compared to us. The defenses for the sexual splendour of black women are much less accepted by society than those against Asian men. This is what makes up the actual.

    Landlord75 14 points created 19 days ago

    find out what you say is true. However the thing is also AM make themselves an easy target to get shouted down because they get deflated and give up. I think there is also large majority of AM who still holds onto the hope that a middle ground can be found with these AF, When it’s clear these types of AF’s don’t want the same. They just want AM to shut up and allow their racists liking to go on without challenge or scrutiny. AM are also completely hamstrung by depending on AF to be their partners. This is the AM’s Achilles heel but its something which only AM can change ie be open to dating non AF’s. Once AM becomes less reliant on AF, I am sure you’ll find the tables start to turn. So absolutely, There lots of factors working against AM, but instead of accepting them, AM need to stand up and manage their own destiny. The uncomfortable truth that a lot of AM will have to endure, Is that they’re going to need to move forward without AF’s. The AF’s who are loyal will follow them, The one who aren’t should must completely outcast and ignore.

    Landlord75 10 points processed 19 days ago

    I suspect las vegas dui attorney may get the stares from some WF in AMWF is due to the fact that she’s probably been repeatedly hit on by other AM in the past when it became known that she was in a relationship with AM. Hence she may be telling you to just mind your own business. I’ve seen this happened a few times. Many AM are scared to approach a WF. However the minute they hear a WF is going out with an AM, Their eyes light up and think may possibly a chance. It’s unfortunate that you had to experience the backlash from what these women have encountered in the past.

    Landlord75 12 points created 19 days ago

    Women in general don’t act friendly towards men they do not know regardless whether the men in question are white, Asian or dark colored. that’s a fact of life my friend. Expecting a WF to act friendly towards a complete stranger simply based on the belief that 1) may possibly dating an AM and 2) Your an AM isn’t realistic and have got nothing to do with AM making it. A lot of WF who are in AMWF are pro Asian but that doesn’t mean they need to make themselves fair game for all AM and hug every Asian guy they see. AM all around need to boost their profile with all women, not necessarily WF. What’s your attraction with WF anyway?

    Landlord75 8 points sent in 19 days ago

    most effective for you buddy. Btw those ‘friends’ you lost weren’t your mates if they only date WM and wanted you around because you were nerdy and goofy. possess seen this happen to other AM. Ie AF will keep an army of these kind of AM as their friend, So they can claim they don’t hate AM but then complete to their white friends and say ‘see why I don’t date AM? they are all nerdy and goofy and really not boyfriend material’. These guys were only just props used by these AF’s to justify only date WM BUT without giving the outward appearance that they actually hate AM. It was very sneaky.

    Landlord75 1 point developed 22 days ago

    Yes do not get baited into making misogynistic comments about AF. The world will end dui lawyer las vegas call misogynist, MRAsian etc by a gaggle of self hating AF. Really gonna. This sub’s esteem is terrible amongst self hating AF’s. I suggest you AM do right here to get into their good books:

    1) Provide a shoulder so they can cry on when that 50th WM she’s been seeing cheated on her with multiple other AF’s. Be sure to become her rant about yellow fever and how disgusting it is. Tell them that they were unlucky and the next one she date maybe the love of her life.

    2) Buy her market, Lunch and paid the rent for her when that WM she’s been living with spends all their cash on alcohol, Drugs and gambling. furthermore if you have a spare room, you can keep them move in free of charge. Be a real AM and show them what a gentleman you are and how much you what to see happy them. If the AF convince her WM to stab you so they are able takeover your apartment, avoid getting upset. Channel your inner Simu Liu and a number of circumstances AF a hug. It was all just a big disbelief. they really appreciate your generosity. people they do.

    3) join, pay attention to, to be, Etc all well known AF in WMAF’s social media page. Support these people due to there being just not enough of them around and they all have really unique messages to spread about our community. Make their suggests, The voice for the Asian community while you know their voices aren’t being heard.

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