Need A Good Laugh? Jim Acosta’s BIGGEST LIE EVER Will Have You Rolling!

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta said he was just as tough with former President Barack Obama as he is on President Donald Trump, during an interview on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Wednesday.

“I’m hated by the best people, or the worst people,” Acosta told Kimmel. “Listen, when I covered Barack Obama, I was just as tough on him. People might not believe that.”

Acosta joked that he was so disliked during the Obama administration, he can’t even get a table at a good D.C. restaurant. He also said he faced backlash from the Obama press shop for asking a tough question about the Islamic State.

“[The Obama Administration] didn’t like me either,” Acosta continued.

“I once asked Obama about ISIS, why can’t we get these bastards? The people at the White House under Obama were very ticked off about that,” he concluded. “And eventually, you know, they get over that, because they realize you have to ask the hard questions.”


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