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BREAKING: Trump Has Officially Killed The Iran Deal – It’s DEAD As of Today

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The New York Times is reporting that President Trump will indeed pull the United States out of the Iran deal:

President Trump told President Emmanuel Macron of France on Tuesday morning that he plans to announce the withdrawal of the United States from the Iran nuclear deal, according to a person briefed on the conversation.

Mr. Trump’s decision unravels the signature foreign policy achievement of his predecessor, Barack Obama, isolating the United States among its allies and leaving it at even greater odds with its adversaries in dealing with the Iranians.

The significance of this move cannot be stressed enough.

President Trump isn’t just tearing up the Iran deal. He’s breaking a U.S. commitment to upholding an international agreement. And he’s pulling the U.S. away from our European allies.

But – and this is a big but – we knew this would happen. As a candidate, Trump promised to trash the Iran deal if elected president. Now he’s following through.

Now, the U.S. will reimpose all the previous sanctions the Obama Administration lifted as part of Iran curtailing its nuclear program.


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