Nunes Reveals Latest Plans…Sessions Better Prepare For A Sudden Strike

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Intel Chairman Nunes reveals his plans to move forward “quickly” this week with Contempt of Congress against AG Jeff Sessions. Weary of endless DOJ obstruction…

Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) mentions the recent actions by Judge TS Ellis in rebuking the Mueller Inquisition attorneys, saying that it looks like the whole investigation has gone off the rails. That’s an understatement but Nunes knows he and the American people are best served when he chooses his words carefully.

He’s moved on to the issue of the FISA investigation, which Nunes explains is conducted in a secret manner with only a very few people’s knowledge. He says the abuse of that process is a component of what brought us to where we are today and reveals, “Two weeks ago we sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a classified letter. Per usual it was ignored and not acknowledged, just completely ignored.” AG “AWOL General” Sessions is running out of time and won’t be able to simply ignore the next action that will follow.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Nunes continued, “So last week we sent a subpoena, and then on Thursday we discovered that they’re not going to comply with our subpoena on very important information that we need.” Asked what he’s going to do now, Nunes replies, “The only thing left that we can do is we have to move quickly to hold the Attorney General of the United States in contempt and that’s what I’m going to press for this week.”

Nunes explains that the nature of the way the FBI and DOJ have structured the investigations meant that much of the information was classified and therefore they could easily claim national security risks as a means to hide what they’re up to.

He says, “But because this is so important, I’m not going to take any excuse to say oh, we’re harming national security. You know, how many times have we heard that argument throughout this entire investigation? You know, we’ve had to take people to court to get the information. We shouldn’t have had to take Fusion GPS to court in order to find out that the Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign had paid for the dirty dossier.”

Nunes outlines the next steps, saying, “We will probably have to go to court in order to enforce this subpoena, so we’ve been in discussions over the weekend with our General Counsel for the United States Congress.”

He reminds the audience that they did this same type of thing with Lois Lerner and Eric Holder but says he “can’t imagine Sessions defending not providing pertinent documents, very important documents, to Congress.”

Asked if he’s saying he’s heard nothing from Sessions’ office in response to the subpoena, Nunes says, “I’m not even sure we’ve heard from the legislative director for the Department of Justice, but I don’t know that the Attorney General is even aware of our request.

Nunes says he intends to talk to Sessions and has already spoken with his underling Christopher Wray, and elaborates on some of the other news that is coming quickly as they expose the corruption that has infested the DOJ, FBI, and the deep state holdovers of the Obama-Clinton-Soros Mafia.

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