Liberal Protesters Learn The Hard Way That Burning The American Flag Is NEVER A GOOD IDEA

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Patriotism has fallen out of style in the eyes of modern liberals, and disrespecting or desecrating the American flag appears to be “cool” in their minds. This week, however, some liberal protesters learned the hard way that burning the American flag is never a good idea.

Fox News reported that three “May Day” protesters – people who rally every May 1st in FAVOR of socialism – were just arrested for setting an American flag on fire in a park in Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said that the three had been with a group of 15 protesters when they moved to the side and doused the flag with “ignitable liquid,” around 6:20 p.m.

The three arrested protesters have been identified as Landon Rice, 23; VanaMary Isaac, 26; and Dhruv Pathak, 24.

Though setting the American flag on fire is protected under the First Amendment, the protesters were arrested because setting the flag on fire in a public park is illegal.

Police say that each of the arrested protesters face charges of carelessness with fire and injury to real property. On top of that, Rice has been charged with resisting arrest and impeding traffic, and Pathak has been charged with impeding traffic, resisting arrest, second degree trespass, disorderly conduct, and assault on a government official.

May Day is an internationally recognized day in which activists all over the world protest for socialism and communism. In England, people even carried a banner to exalt Josef Stalin. However, many American activists used the day to instead protest against Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Twitter users made it clear that the protesters deserved to be arrested for burning our flag:

It really is sad that these liberals would burn the American flag that so many people have fought and died for… especially while they march for socialism. Hopefully this is a wake up call for those conservatives who don’t see the danger coming from the left.


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