Illegal Immigrant On The Run Drives Car Into Home, Blows Up Home Nearly Killing Officer

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A Texas officer narrowly missed the full brunt of an explosion caused by a car driving into a home.

That car, it turns out, was driven by an illegal immigrant.

Alejandro Enriquez-Castro was arrested earlier this month for not having a license and was then transferred to ICE after being placed on an immigration detainer, according to Fox 4 in Dallas.

Officer Travis Hiser approached Enriquez-Castro in the front yard of the home in Hurst where the car had crashed and can be seen in dashboard camera footage from a police cruiser. Hiser was hit with shrapnel as the house was rocked by an explosion.

“I thought he might be trying to flee the scene,” Hiser said on “Fox & Friends” Friday.

Enriquez-Castro’s crash, which he told police was caused by brake failure in his vehicle, apparently cut a gas line to the home causing the explosion, according to Fox 4.

“As I got up there in the yard, I heard a real loud hissing sound. [I] thought it was maybe one of the tires going down, and then the house just exploded,” Hiser said.

Three people inside the home along with the two responding officers were injured from the explosion.

The 35-year-old driver with a prior conviction was in the country illegally and “was found to have several unconfirmed aliases,” according to Fox 4.

The family trapped inside the home, a husband, wife and an adult son, were all taken to the hospital. The woman, Dixie Bridges who was reportedly in critical condition, had to be pulled out from under the rubble. Her husband was in good condition following serious injuries and their son was treated and released from the hospital, Hurst Police said.

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