How George H.W. Bush Secretly Honored Barbara Bush During Funeral Will Melt Your Heart

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Some of the most powerful people in the world gathered to honor the legacy of former First Lady Barbara Bush in Houston Saturday morning.

As the church filled up for the memorial service of the beloved public servant, some of America’s most famous political families filed in to pay their respects. Melania Trump walked in, followed closely by Barack and Michelle Obama and then by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

You could hear a pin drop as Barbara’s husband of 73 years was wheeled into the church. George W. Bush pushed his father, George H.W. Bush in place before Barbara’s casket. The funeral procession was beautiful and honored Barbara with many stories of her legacy of service, philanthropy and raw honesty in the public arena.

However, her husband chose to honor her in his own secret way.

Bush, who has a habit of wearing colorful socks, wore a very specific pair to his wife’s funeral. He wore socks with books on them to honor his wife’s love of literacy and reading. It was a homage to Barbara’s life work to help with literacy among America’s children and the hundreds of millions of dollars she raised for programs to support reading.

One last “I love you,” from George H.W. Bush.


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