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David Hogg Loses Battle With Laura Ingraham, So Now He’s Going After Gun Manufacturers

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David Hogg lost his fight against Laura Ingraham, so now is now using his new-found media fame to mount a targeted anti-gun boycott against the financial backers of one of the most popular firearms manufacturers in America — Smith & Wesson.

From Conservative Tribune:

In a series of tweets posted Tuesday afternoon, Hogg directed his 765,000 Twitter followers to boycott and sever all ties with a number of high-profile investment groups, specifically Blackrock and the Vanguard Group.

According to the New York Post, Blackrock is the second-largest investor in the American Outdoor Brands as well as Vista Outdoors — another parent company that oversees some gun and ammunition manufacturers — and is the single largest institutional-investor of gun manufacturer Sturm Ruger.

Vanguard is the second largest investor in Sturm Ruger and the third largest for both American Outdoor Brands and Vista Outdoors.

Both of the firms have been under pressure from anti-gun rights advocates to divest from the firearms industry for some time, and both have taken steps to placate the vociferous anti-gun crowd by offering funds which specifically don’t include any investments in that industry.

While some executives and investors may be concerned about becoming the target of a boycott, others may be thrilled, given the outcome of the last two major boycott efforts launched by Hogg.

In late March, Hogg launched a boycott against advertisers on Fox News host Laura Ingraham‘s program after she had criticized Hogg in a tweet. According to Newsbusters, that boycott effort appears to have backfired spectacularly.

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