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Late Night Show Writer Makes a NASTY Joke About Barbara Bush Only Hours After She Died – DISGUSTING Liberal Behavior!

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Apparently there is absolutely nothing that is sacred to left-leaning “comedy” writers. After Barbara Bush passed away, most people showed an outpouring of support for the Bush family, as Barbara was a beloved icon.

Everyone except for a Colbert staff writer.

From Conservative Tribune:

Just hours after the news of Bush’s passing, “The Late Show” comedian Jen Spyra posted a tweet with a very different tone.

“RIP Barbara Bush, the only woman who was 92 for 30 years,” the Colbert show writer taunted.

Over a thousand people commented on the tweet, but many of the responses called out the liberal show writer for being callous.

“Garbage tweet, for a garbage writer, of a garbage show. Fitting,” wrote Kyle Kashuv, one of the students who survived the Parkland school shooting.

“Liberals spew hate,” noted pundit Kurt Schlichter.

“Wow! That is incredibly insensitive and rude,” echoed another. 

For their part, prominent voices on the left took a much higher road, and shared words of tribute and respect for Barbara Bush.

“She showed us what an honest, vibrant, full life looks like,” wrote former President Bill Clinton, who has become unlikely friends with the Bush family while working with George W. Bush on African charities. “Hillary and I mourn her passing and bless her memory.”

To be honest, mocking the late first lady’s white-haired appearance wasn’t the worst insult ever hurled by the left — and there are no doubt even more hateful attacks against her buried in the depths of Twitter.

The real problem isn’t that a random liberal decided to attack a woman who was respected by nearly everyone she met. The disappointment is that a prominent writer representing one of the biggest talk shows on television didn’t pause for one second to consider how distasteful it was.

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